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  1. sk8bloke22

    need to find good winamp2 output plugin

    i remember a while back (a long while back ;) ), i think alphawolf suggested a really good winamp2 output plugin, i got it back then and was brilliant. now i would really appreciate if anyone knows what im blabbering on about and give me a helping hand in finding this plugin. or maybe any...
  2. sk8bloke22

    wats better - opengl or dx plugin?

    which one is most compatible, or is there already documentation on this. must say fantastic release, u would never think that this emu comes from the same source as uhle. good work guys. there are a few bugs, like various crashes and stuff...i.e at the moment when i click on fullscreen...
  3. sk8bloke22

    how fucking good is metroid prime

    the graphics are sooo damn good and the game is madly stylish. seriously wish i had a cube!!! oh & I played animal crossing - seriously the most boring game ever...
  4. sk8bloke22

    getting THPS2 on the pc to work on winxp

    theres a patch or some .exe that allows u to play it on w2k or winxp, but i cant find it (i used to have it). could anyone help me out, cheers :geek:
  5. sk8bloke22

    congrats to mods on the state of forum!

    i havnt been visiting the forum as much as used to (was a former addict), but the last few weeks ive seen dramatic improvements, and i just like to thank the mods for clearing all the crap that was filling up emutalk. about a month ago, this forum was looking bad, and with no good emu news (only...
  6. sk8bloke22

    ah sweet internet access

    is wat i need :( . nah the library and other pc rooms hav wkd adsl connections, but the damn phone lines are dead in my flat in uni. this is th first time ive browsed emutalk since i left for uni! ah well. looks like visiting emutalk is gonna be a real rare thing for me in uni, or at least until...
  7. sk8bloke22

    uni tommorow :D :D :D :D

    well im off to uni tommorow. probably wont be able to visit emutalk that much due to lacking an internet connection, but who cares ill be surrounded by fit women wanting to suck my....erm...lollypop.
  8. sk8bloke22

    overclocking an athlon XP by increasing the fsb

    does the processor need to be unlocked to do this?
  9. sk8bloke22

    NOLF 2 Demo

    ok, i wanna test The Gimp out, so here's some shots from the new Nolf 2 demo, which has amazing gfx btw, and is very nicely playable at 1600x1200 for moi.
  10. sk8bloke22

    ut2k3 demo news

    ut2003 demo coming out in 5 hours. shit this is gonna take quite a few hours to get but i cant wait. anyone who has the *ahem* leaked version, how does it run on ur system, and can u use anti-analaising at reasonable resolutions allowing it to still be...
  11. sk8bloke22

    annoying gamepad issue with both pj64 and 1964

    no matter wat input plugin i use, or wat zilmar-spec emu, CERTAIN games (not all) hav very slow recations when using the d-pad on my sindwinder freestyle pro. it always happens on super smash bros, but some games are not effected. ive tried everything. dunno if its cos im using a usb 2.0 port...
  12. sk8bloke22

    using a tv-out rules!!!!

    been using my pc on the big tv lately, and omg, n64 roms look identical to the n64. its odd cos the tv image seems to blur things a lot, and it means roms look as blurry as the real n64 games. and omg, jabo's plugin is faultless when playing perfect dark 2 player on a 32-inch widescreen tv. it...
  13. sk8bloke22

    says i have a 1.2ghz cpu when i hav an athlon xp2000

    okay this is bugging me a bit. everything seems good, but when i go to hardware propteries it says i hav a 1.25ghz athlon (doesnt even mention the XP part). on my bro's pc, it states thaat its an 1800xp. im guessing it could be a few things: 1) motherboard lists it as a 1.25ghz athlon (maybe...
  14. sk8bloke22

    Jabos D3D 1.5 :)

    cos i am absolutely amazed by the progress in this plugin (and the pj64 core improvements), ill wanna show some pics. first up, jet force gemeni. the gfx are perfect, and the issues are totally cleared up. this game really looks the thing at 1600x1200x32 (cant wait till i get my gf4 so i can...
  15. sk8bloke22

    how would u format ur hdd with winxp installed

    sounds kinda dumb heh :) . my hdd is in ntfs format, and cos u cant go through dos in winxp, im not quite sure how i would go about formatting the hdd. i need a clean hdd for my new pc on monday, and my old one should do just fine. anyway, if anyone can tell me how to format it, ill give them a...
  16. sk8bloke22

    psu question

    currently my case has a 250w power supply, do u reckon thats gonana be enuff if i get a new mobo, cpu, ddr ram and gfx card on top of wat ive already got (obviously minus the old componets that im replacing).?
  17. sk8bloke22

    need some good uk online hardware sites

    wanna get a new motherboard, processor, gfx card and ram something along the lines of a socket A motherboard (not too bothered how good), athlon 2000+, 512 ddr ram. cheers. :happy:
  18. sk8bloke22

    broken link on saturn shack the link for the english translation for satourne seems to be broken...just thought id tell ya
  19. sk8bloke22

    ogre battle (J)

    does anyone know if the (j) version of ogre battle 64 has an option to change the language into english?
  20. sk8bloke22

    New York New York

    woo hoo, at 9.00am tommorow ill be on the plane to new york to stay at a m8s house for 2 weeks. /me is overly excited /me slaps himself with a copy of the New York Times i havnt been to the states for a while, ive gotta question tho. im shit at economics and currencies and stuff, is the $...