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  1. killthegene

    Memory leak?

    I recently compiled 0.4 from source on my debian unstable box for the first time. I used the configure script and chose to do a multiuser install, and enable avifile recording. The insdtall proceded sucsessfully, however, when i try to start mupen, memory/swap usage spirals upwards so...
  2. killthegene

    problem with frequent crashes

    i keep getting crashes with mupen 0.3 (using gln64 or rice's plugin) in both zelda games. ive made the tweak and recompiled as suggested in a previous thread and still no luck. compiling generated a hell of alot of warings though (although i think that just because im using gcc 3.3) any ideas...
  3. killthegene

    null audio?

    is there a "null audio" plugin for mupen on linux. id like to be able to play some games with out oss blocking all my other apps with sound.
  4. killthegene

    gl64 0.4 for linux?

    does anybody (blight) have any plans to port the new release of gl64 to linux? it seems to be much improved over the previous release
  5. killthegene

    Multi user mupen

    my home computer has multiple users all of which wish to use mupen. so instead of installing it in each individual home dir i installed it in /usr/games/mupen64. this works fine however saves are a problem as mupen outputs save files which only the user who created them can read. so if a game...
  6. killthegene

    Star Ocean emulation(zsnes/linux)

    does anybody have an idea how to get the dejap graphics pack for star ecean working on linux? can it be done?
  7. killthegene

    mupen64 (linux) documentation

    hacktarux has givenme his permission to make an "offical" Mupen64 (linux) users guide. if anyone has any suggestions as to whatkind of thing should go in it then please post them on this thread. also i would like to find some body to do a fancy graphic for the front page (preferably in png...
  8. killthegene

    ALSA question

    can anyone help me? my sound is mucked up when i use ALSA. the KDE and gnome sound servers work as does xmms using the OSS plugin. however when i play an games which use ALSA (frozen bubble, tux racer ect) the audio keeps starting and stopping for a few milliseconds. it like the sound buffer...
  9. killthegene


    does any one know the best plugin combo for using 1964 with winex under linux?
  10. killthegene

    audio libs

    i hope i havent broken any rules but i was wondering if anybody knew what audio libs azimers plugins use? directsound?
  11. killthegene


    has anybody/anyemulator tried to emulate the N64DD add on?
  12. killthegene

    res evil 2

    i cant seem to get it working! ive got rice's rsp plugin and im using jabos d3d6 1.5 and azimers audio 0.4 beta2 please help
  13. killthegene


    dont know if this is the right forum to post in but anyway: what is the irc server for the #emulation64 channel? i know i could use the applet on the website but id rather use my own client (as you can probally guess im new to irc)
  14. killthegene

    two things

    firstly how come with tr64 you have to select a UCode and with other plugins it is autodetedted? and secodaly you probbaly know aboput this bug allready but whenever i open the config screen (in windows or the linux port) the window is never "focused" and is always hidden behind the window of...
  15. killthegene

    sound card woes

    I just bought a cheap sound card today from a computer fair (probbally fell of the back of a lorry). it came with a driver cd with drivers for windows 98/ME (im using ME) I inserted the card into my pci slot and put the skeakers in the back. when i used the setup utility on the cd it told me...
  16. killthegene

    getting sound

    I cant seem to get any sound with either donkey kong 64 or kirby 64 with azimers audio 0.4 beta 2. i can get sound with the basic sound plugin but its rubbish. im using 1964 so i cant use jabos Dsound can anyone help?
  17. killthegene

    Yoshis story not working

    In 1964 it says "UCode not supported" I have a decent computer so im sure its not my specs that are the problem could some one please help
  18. killthegene


    I really need some help with mupen (actuly its an issue with opengl i think) anyway all open gl games (including tux racer and cronium and of course mupen) seem to run at a very low fps. I have a GForce 2 and mandrake GPL 9.0 I had the same problem with mandrake 8.2 however an earlier...
  19. killthegene

    cant find azimers audio 0.4

    cant find any websites with it or duncans project 64 rdb 2.2(i think its the latest release) or the latest n-rage plugin for that matter. could some one give them to me. cheers
  20. killthegene


    Im very sorry if i am breaking any rules of ettiquit (spelt wrong) for this forum but i was wondering how works was going on the next 1964 release (a status update if you like)