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  1. Plisco

    Half Life 2 Source Stolen!

    Click here for IGN report Will it affect the release date? If anything release may be brought forward IMHO, your thoughts and views?
  2. Plisco

    Compression for movies

    Ok just uploaded some vids from my digital camera, they are in .mov format and the one I want to send on to friends/family is 4.8 MB, What would be the best format to convert to reduce the filesize to less than 1.5MB, or as small as possible, and what do I need. Gracias
  3. Plisco

    PSX: Not Quite PS3

    Here Its not PS3 but the dvd recorder sounds cool. IMO the price will determine its success though.
  4. Plisco

    Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

    Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes and MGS3 Trailer?? Click here A remake of MGS1. Like Resident evil 1 it is being redone on the GC. Sweet:)
  5. Plisco

    Nemu not starting

    hi all I am desperate to try the netplay but can't get nemu to run a game :(. I open it up and click super mario 64 it all loads to 100% and then it crashes. My specs are different from below: Windows XP Professional AMD Duron Processor~1.2GHz 256 RAM S3 Graphics Twister K :getlost: (dont laugh...
  6. Plisco

    F-Zero GC New Level Looks amazing
  7. Plisco

    News from Nintendo Legend All sounds cool but two versions of Pokemon. One is bad enough...
  8. Plisco

    For Immediate Testing....

    Just looking over at 1964 forums after the spammers mess was cleaned up. Am I right in saying that the thread for immediate testing was a sticky before today? Or is that me?
  9. Plisco

    MGS For GC

    First final fantasy and now mgs! So what would people prefer. A brand spanking new title, a port of mgs2, a remake of mgs1 or the nes titles??
  10. Plisco

    Final Fantasy Crystal Cronicles

    Some more info and ingame pics have just been released. Moogles are back, thats a matter of personal oppinion if its good or bad. Click here to see the rest of the pics and here for the article
  11. Plisco

    Driver 3. GTA beater??

    You decide that. I do like the sound of their active hinge joints :)
  12. Plisco

    Metroid Prime 2! 2004 is gonna b a good year:phone:
  13. Plisco

    What Game are you looking forward to this year

    Yea as the title says. I am looking forward to Metroid Prime and Mario Kart both for the GC. Oh and Final Fantasy X-2
  14. Plisco

    Windows ME

    Hi could someone explain to me why windows ME is so bad. Also would it be easier for a network to be in place if this comp was upgraded to XP (all other comps have XP) Thanks for any reply
  15. Plisco

    New GBA!!!

    Take a look. Looks dead sexy Article:
  16. Plisco

    Mgs 3!!

    Finnaly its been anounced, even though we all knew it was being worked on. What consoles it coming out on??