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  1. retroK

    XHTML compliance

    Don't beat me, but IMHO you should not show a "valid XHTML" icon on the main site if you have several errors / warnings.
  2. retroK

    Nestopia v1.20

  3. retroK

    MAME 0.100u4

  4. retroK

    GoodGUI v0.952

    A new version of the GoodTools frontend GoodGUI has been released. GoodGUI needs the .NET framework to run. The news: Download here:
  5. retroK

    Snes9x 1.43 WIP1

    New WIP version of Snes9x released here: The changelist:
  6. retroK

    AEPgb v0.88 released (Gameboy Emulator in Java)

    I recently added sound emulation to Pgb, a Gameboy emulator written in Java. I used the sound emulation code from JavaBoy. The Pgb author gave me permission to distribute it, so here it is. Any help in further development on this is highly appreciated ;) Download here (sourcecode included)...