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  1. KMan

    The New Hi-Rez Zelda Retexture Pack

    The New Hi-Rez Zelda: Ocarina of Time Retexture Pack DOWNLOADS 01/03/2007 - Download for free from Fileplanet! (47.6 MB) Intructions: Download and extract into your plugin directory. You will still need an emulator like 1964 or PJ64, Rice's Video Plugin and a clean, unaltered Ocarina of Time...
  2. KMan

    Perfect Perfect Dark - KMan Style

    I'm goint to take it slow, doing sets of textures at a time, so that they are consistent. I find that now that I have been doing alot of character art at work now, I have a need to do some world art. And making these textures are easy as pie. All I have to do is find where it's used, where it...