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    This will allow you to export geometry WITH textures

    Can someone with better git skills add this tool to If it's not already there?
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    mupen64 0.4 on BeOS 5 - doesn't starts... You can also search on or on their telegram
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    BigHead's Emulation Site is Down

    I read his blog post when it was up a month ago, and he mentions in his last post from april 2020 about being at risk for getting covid. I hope he is ok. His sites are down. Here's a list of site...
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    Recommended Gauntlet Legends Config

    Got a 2013 ati radeon 4890. Whats the recommended emulator for this game? The information below is a bit ambiguous: Is GDPD saying to only PJ64 2.x with Iconoclast 's RSP plugin? Is the post below still current? Where can I find the Project64 Audio Fix Edition?
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    Looking for emulator /game compatibility list

    I'm looking for a list like this one, but for a Windows computer. Basically a list of which game to use with which 3d and sound plug-in.
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    N64 tech documentation

    I put up the sdk here. Just Google n64.devkit.sdk.intro.functions to find it. I doubt Nintendo cares at this point.
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    Small Screen

    Small Screen in Ogre Battle Tutorial The screen is really small in the "tutorial" in the ogre battle 64 game. How do I stretch it? Where do I download all the latest plugins? Especially rice's? Can I use a flight stick for the analog joystick? The sound is skipping too. Is there an audio...