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  1. Dogman5

    ATI 4800 series cards.. anyone know how they perform here?

    Incase anyone has been living under a rock for the past week or so, the ATI 4850 and 4870 just came out. These cards are powerhouses, look at bioshock gains for example to get an idea of what this thing can do. are there any significant gains for gamecube emulation as well? Last time I...
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    (no subject)

    et rocks
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    Higher FPS?

    I play enough of the online games out now, so netplay isnt a top concern of mine, allthough it would be a lot of fun.. I love to play all my classic N64 games like the Zeldas, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conkers, Mario 64, and all the rest, but I always found that they run so slow compared to the...
  4. Dogman5

    Any way to make it so you can click on the rom file and have it open with PJ64?

    Hey.. With my SNES games with zsnes, I set it so I click on the rom file, and have it open with that emulator. I like it like this, and I tried to do the same for PJ64 and it didn't work. Anyone know of any way I can get this method to work correctly so that I can click on the rom file (ie: I...
  5. Dogman5

    Frame Rate / Frame Limiter Question!

    Hi, I just installed PJ64 on my new Athlon 64 system :party: There seems to be a framerate limit on when you play roms, to where its really not that smooth. I know when I play PC games, everything is very smooth and fluent, and it looks as if PJ64 has a framelimiter on (60 maybe?) I know...
  6. Dogman5

    Help with setting controls and stuff (because menu gets cut off)

    Hey guys. For some reason lately my controller pad is giving me trouble, and I have to reset the control buttons to it, so I need to reset them from PJ64 and everything. With PJ64, all my menus are cut off. Any ideas? I have attached screenshots of it. Thanks in advance!
  7. Dogman5

    New Graphic Card update, quick help!

    Ok, its juts about time that the GeForce 2 MX 400 has to go! Here is my current PC specs: -DELL Dimension 8100 -Pentium 4 @ 1.5 GHz -640 MB RAM -Windows XP -60 GB Hard Drive -GeForce 2 MX 400 What is a good graphics card in the price range of less than 150$ that can be found online that would...
  8. Dogman5

    Quick help with graphic plugins..

    My specs are: Pentium 4 - 1.5 GHz 640MB RDRAM 60 GB Hard Drive Sound Blaster Live! Sound Card GeForce 2 MX 400 Graphics Card Windows XP Not too good, but not too bad either.. What do you think is the best graphic plugin for my use with Project 64 that would run smoothest, while still looking...
  9. Dogman5

    Terrible Problem

    I have encountered a horrible problem with PJ64. I would run PJ64 and it would be fine. Ive would have used it for over a year now - but around 2 months ago, every time I wanted to use PJ64 I would get an XP Error message. So I would just re-install PJ64 every time and it would work. But now...
  10. Dogman5

    Excite Bike 64?

    Project 64 is my main emulator, and it isn't compatible with Excite Bike 64.. What is the best emulator to run it on? Thanks! (!)
  11. Dogman5

    Bump Mapping Video Plugin?

    Look at these renders I made (with 1600x1200 capture) Is it possible to add glass-filtered effects, and bump mapping to textures? In a video plugin? I think it would be very possible, and I would attempt to create one, if I knew how to make them :getlost:
  12. Dogman5

    Help getting files over from PJ64 1.5 Beta, to 1.5 FINAL

    I have been using PJ64 1.5 BETA, and Now I just started to use 1.5 FINAL. It works alot better :) So I load my games, and see that none of them have my saved files. I was pretty far into Majoras Mask, so this really pissed me off. Is there any way I can get my saved files over to the final...
  13. Dogman5

    How is a ATI Radeon™ 9000 Pro 128MB?

    I am thinking of Upgrading my GeForce 2MX 32MB :unsure: to either a..... ATI Radeon™ 9000 Pro Graphics Card 128MB PNY Verto™ GeForce4 Ti 4200 2D/3D AGP Graphics Card 64MB BOTH CARDS are 150$. Which one will give me the best performance, and reliablity. Hopefully this will help my...
  14. Dogman5

    No Surround for PJ64?

    I have 4 speakers (front right + left, rear right + left), and the rears do not work with PJ64. Everything else, from PC games (of course), MP3s, Windows Media, EVEN MY SNES and GAMEBOY ADVANCE EMULTATORS work!! And I get nothing from my rears when using Project 64.. Is there a Sound Plugin I...
  15. Dogman5

    Help me out here please

    a little help... When i start these ROMS: -Conkers Bad Fur Day -Perfect Dark I get an error message: "Executing from non-mapped space. Verify ROM and ROM settings" :pj64: why is it saying this? I recently just got Windows XP.. so could that be it? -They used to work i might add...-
  16. Dogman5

    Help with the emulator...

    Ok, first let me tell you my problem. Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64, Ridge Racer, and Zelda OOT all work perfectly. Games like Majoras Mask, Conkers BFD, Banjo Kazooie, F-Zero X work OK.. and Games like Perfect Dark and Goldeneye work terrible. They are extremely choppy and come in very slow...