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  1. J

    mupen on a g3 ibook

    I recently got a g3 ibook (700MHz / 384 MB RAM) what are the chances of mupen running at an acceptable frame rate i will be running linux on the ibook
  2. J

    Can someone grab a screenshot for me (zelda OOT)

    Please someone either give me a savestate in the forest temple at the twisted hallway or or get me a few screenshots of the hallway. I need them for an drawing project :P thaks!
  3. J

    RSP plugin wont load (ubuntu 7.10 beta)

    the RSP plugin cannt be detected, i tried downloading a new copy and coping over a working config from my brothers computer. these pictures show the problem, thanks
  4. J

    Need a zelda OoT save

    I accidentally wrote over my zelda OoT save file, so if anyone has a save right at jabu-jabu belly, or right before forest temple please send it to me!
  5. J

    "ERROR - Unknown Country Code"

    I downloaded a bunch of files for Zelda Wind Waker. Using DEEPBURNER i converted them all to an iso. I renamed to .GCM and when i try to open it, i get that error of unknown country code. It also gives teh same error when i had it as the ISO.