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    Kick '4' Cash Mouse Issue (45 degree rotation)

    Is there a way to "rotate" the mouse control mapping 45 degrees in demul? The controls only work properly in Kick '4' Cash if you point the top of the mouse or trackball to the upper right. The normal orientation works in the test menu but this isn't the case during the actual game.
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    Xinput Deadzone on 0.7?

    I've notice that when I adjust the deadzone in the new Demul 0.7 release on an Xinput controller such as an Xbox 360 controller, it has no effect. There appears to be a fairly high deadzone which can be a problem in some racing games like Maximum Speed. My other controllers (directinput) work...
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    Star Wars Episode 1 Racer with Dual Throttle on P64

    I thought I would share my video for those interested. I hooked up two throttle controllers (normally used for flight simulators, etc) to Project 64. It works wonders for Star Wars Ep. 1: Racer. It gives it the feel of the arcade controls but has all content of the much more feature-rich home...