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  1. Miretank

    Pentium 4 3.0 HT slower than the old P4 2.4

    I've got a Pentium 4 3.0 HT and a 512MB PC3200 RAM stick, replacing my old Pentium 4 2.4GHz and the old 512MB PC2700 RAM stick. I thought I would gain a lot of speed with this upgrade (hence I could OC the CPU higher than I could with the old Northwood), but that is not what is happening. First...
  2. Miretank

    Tweaking SSF?

    As the emulator improves, I have noticed it's getting slow on my machine. Maybe because SSF devs are leaving it to run fullspeed on dual core machines... well, my question is: is there any way to improve speeds on newer versions? Like messing with the numbers on the Program 2 and 3 tabs? Older...
  3. Miretank

    GeForce 6200 video playback serious problem

    The prob here is serious. I've got a new card, GeForce 6200 A-LE 64bits 256 DDR. Fast but problematic. I can't see a driver that will make it work correctly. I mean, every movie/film I try to run (read it as mpgs, avi's) slows down the system badly and have no playback. When I mean slow down, it...
  4. Miretank

    Microsoft and Ford to Announce Joint Development Project

    Source: DailyTech - Microsoft and Ford to Announce Joint Development Project Your car getting BSOD. edit: couldn't resist the temptation :evil:
  5. Miretank

    Microsoft Firefox and msfirefox Mail BETA

    Microsoft(R) Firefox | We've Made it Better HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D Microsoft(R) Firefox | MSFirefox Mail Beta >>> it seems to really work Enjoy
  6. Miretank

    Vista Logoff/Shutdown Buttons

    Found it curious, not to say funny. That same post brings the original source: Joel on Software Anyone with Vista noticed that? Or had the same impressions? :P
  7. Miretank

    Do you remember your first post?

    Entering into the 1k post count members gallery, aka spammer buddies. :P Do you remember your first post? When did that happen and why? Great chance to revisit the past. :) If you want, feel free to link us to your first post (even if it is wet in noobness :P).
  8. Miretank

    Wind User Interface - My WB5 skin

    I may have commented about the WB5 skin I am working on, just felt like making a blog for it, where I can post about it's development. It is still on the very beginning, that's why I won't release the builds I have here. If you felt interested on it, please keep an eye on the blog. ;) The...
  9. Miretank

    Can a GBA read MP3?

    I have read something about Yan-Play, but there's some other method to listen mp3 files with a GBA?
  10. Miretank

    I've found the Triforce on Windows Vista LOL

    HAHAHAHAHA OHGOD I've found the TRIFORCE :D Find it yourself: if you got the 5536 build, look for a dll called objsel.dll and open it with ResHacker. Wonder if MS and Nintendo are partners now :D
  11. Miretank

    WMP11 Beta 2 Available

    Windows Media Player 11 Beta 2 for download. It worths downloading.
  12. Miretank

    ...and the future of Windows Vista (already!)

    Know when you're bothered, depressed and hungry as hell? And oh yeah, you like news from Microsoft? That's Miretank :P. Have been digging down Windows' builds, since Longhorn 277A, reading and thinking about them... this is a new to me, dunno if it's to everyone, but here I bring you a subject...
  13. Miretank

    Everlasting Boot

    Damn, I am pretty sure that my HDD is on it's last days, but I don't think it'll cost me much to ask you guys some things... Happens like this: I have a Maxtor 6E040L0 40GB, about hmm 2 years old. Last times I am getting such annoying experiece: if I install any big-sized program (or something...
  14. Miretank

    God, Longhorn 4028 is UGLY! :o (Large Pics)

    Longhorn 4028 leaked somewhere... I've got screenies. I am surprised with the UGLYNESS of it. :o Vista was that once. XD
  15. Miretank

    Help in health

    Hmmm, I am needing help and counselors. On a important and serious matter I must say. :) My problem is this: I have stomachal disturbs, diagnosticed as GERD. Fact is that I am in a long time battle against it, I get better sometimes but others I go really worse, like I am doing now. I am taking...
  16. Miretank


    How do you treat memories? Are they important to you? Do you like to feel nostalgia? How do you deal with bad memories? Speak up your mind. :)
  17. Miretank

    Who is your idol?

    The person that you'd wish to be like, an example for you, etc... It can be a real life person, or a fiction one. :)
  18. Miretank

    Help choosing a new Win OS

    I think its time to expand my horizons, so I'm decided to reformat and put a new Windows OS. I'm about to put 2003 or XP Media Center Edition, but making a partition with XP SP2. What's the best OS between them? And the most good looking? Thanks. :)
  19. Miretank

    The video games you have or had

    Tell us the video games consoles you have and had, your full history in the world of gaming, since the first console till your actual. I'll tell my history later, gotta go to school ;)
  20. Miretank

    Love-Hate OS Thread

    Since we're having such good discussions about OSes and all, I thought it would be cool to have a poll thread. Here you'll can say why you love and X and hate Y, or why do prefer Y. Note that are MANY options - but not all options says what you think. So, please vote and explain your vote. :)...