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    gameshark codes for zelda oot

    I have gameshark codes here to give you for version 1.0 and 1.1 of the game here they are Version 1.0 8011B9E3 0020 Beta Quest 8111A605 03E7 Unlimited Rupees 8011B9A1 003B Infinite Time To Ride Epona at Lon Lon's Ranch 8011A64B 0007 Have Fairy Ocarina 8011A64D 000A Have...
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    utility of time 0.83.3 problem

    if any if you play utility of time when i play... i got to whole setup thing dont with my default rom (oot) so i went to get zmaps and its empty someone told me i need to decomsite it (whatever that means) can anyone help me? :???:
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    project64 1.6 zelda 2 problem

    when i played zelda 2 on project64 1.6 and when i i started playing (after the whole turning to deku part) when it got to dawn of the first day.... i was in southern swamp? i left to the swamp and i ended up back in the swamp -_- theres no escape from the swamp! whats going on? (p.s. i used some...
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    readme.txt probs with ym avatar

    when i browse a picture that 100 x 100 or less it doesnt work... i tried geting a picture from the web with a URL it said something about "Upload failed due to failure writing temporary file" and when i browse it says... "unable to move/copy file" any help how to get my own custom avatar? :cry:
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    project64 pole :)

    this s a pole that you think of project 64 reply me with the answers and ill give the results in 7 days 1. What do you think of project64? you have problems with project64? you use codes on project64 (you all do lol :)) project64 rank #1 emulator? 5.what is project64...
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    i need help with my avatar!

    wheni try to browse an image when i save the changes it say unable to move/copy image i dont know whats going on! and the picture 100x100 doesnt work anyways