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    Hi, About our missing in action. Chankast has been a very stressful project, it needed a lot of time to get it working. We did an incredible work to get the first release working in only 3 months, it was a full time work. After the 0.25 release I didn't feel like doing chankast again so I took...
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    About chankast and SSE

    Hi all, Chankast will NEVER work without SSE. We need that to achieve good performance. Garrofi
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    WIP Progress

    Hi all, - RECV bug is fixed. No more crappy graphics after leaving the submarine and no crash after meeting that giant worm. - Fixed a bug in sh4 cpu: Players are visibly in VTennis 1 and VTennis 2. You will have to the next release :) Garrofi
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    About overclocking sh4

    Hi, Some games need sh4 overclocked, for example: you can get VOOT working with sh4 cpu at 120%. If you get black screen in some games, try overclocking sh4. Garrofi
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    Chanka alpha 0.2a released

    Hi all, A new release :) bugs fixed: - vga/ntsc bug fixed - control pad fixed - Fixed a bug in the video renderer that was causing some game to crash Notes: If a game doesn't work, try old_gfx, it's less accurate, but faster. echelon intros cause some games not working please read the manual
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    Chankast alpha 0.2 released

    Hi, Chankast alpha 0.2 released!!!!! You can download it at :) Grab it now :) Garrofi
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    chankast alpha 0.2

    Hi all, First at all, we wanna announce ElSemi has joint chanka team :) He is the programmer of nebula and nebula model 2. And about chankast, we are gonna release a new chankast version this weekend. You are gonna love the new features: - more stable, no more random crashes - better gfx...
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    chankast and naomi

    chanka's members together with MAMEDEV dumper "The Guru" are working on naomi emulation, but we are getting that error which means the serial ID is missing from the emulation and to get it we need to dump the smt eeprom, so we need $$ to buy equipment to dump the...