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    No games working :(

    I set up everything and when I hit start nothing happens :(
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    Tech romaner

    It's not showing up as an image, It's the one loaded in the E drive. I loaded it like any other game but it doesn't have that plus sign like the one in my D drive please help.
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    Low Settings Rice

    Can someone tell me the fastest settings i can use for rice's video plugin?
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    Bomberman 64: The Second Attack game save

    All the multiplayer stuff is hidden in this game. I looked for a cheat but couldnt find one. A game save would really be appreciated.
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    Can you use gameshark lite to play import dreamcast games?

    I bought gameshark lite does it play import gameS?
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    how to burn a boot CD in alcohol 120%

    I have all the right files and i burn a raw DOA, but then my dreamcast wont accept it what setings do i use?
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    Rival Schools 2 Not loading

    ok i burned the Raw DOA on a CD-r like a normally do but the game doesn't run. The logo screen appears, then it goes white, then it goe to the dreamcast menu. Do i need to mke it self-bootable or can i use a Utopia boot CD. If i can use a utopia boot cd how do i burn and use it? I already...
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    Decreasing the Size of a Dreamcast Game Image

    I have a game image that comes with 2 games. DOA2 and Powerstone 2. Since I already have DOA 2 I wondering if it were possible to delete some of its files to get the size of the image down so I can burn it without messing up the .cdi
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    dreamcast n00b

    I have a bunch of old video game systems and i've gotten emulators for them all. Nintendo 64, Playstation, Gens, MAME.... And now I try this Dreamcast one and I have the biggest dreamcast collection in the world. I tried Daemon tools but it won't make a ISO much less find an image at all...