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    Dol and Gekko ext Plug-in for IDA pro 5.2

    here is two Plug-ins for IDA pro 5.2, ----------------------------- 1st is: Nintendo GameCube DOL Loader plug-in for IDA Pro 5.2 * (C) Copyright 2004 by Stefan Esser * (C) Copyright 2007 by HyperIris (fsstudio at I modified the plugin and port it to IDA Pro 5.2 2nd is: Nintendo...
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    How to compile GCube 0.4 source?

    Sorry about my english, I am trying program homebrew NGC game, so I need a NGC emu with debug function. I found GCube is a greate NGC emu, and it seems have a debugger, but the win32 binarys all over the web were builded without debugger function. So I decide build a gcube win32 exe with...