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  1. Johann


    I think it would be a good idea if we had a wishlist thread instead of having lots of different threads of suggestions, so that way the forum is cleaner and tidy :P Now that I'm on it: I think it would be a good idea, in the case that someday Chankast read cd images, that ISO+MP3 images were...
  2. Johann

    Rumble pack

    Has anyone tried the rumble pack with a psx pad? I can't get it working :(
  3. Johann

    Smash Bros Melee shrink size?

    Can someone tell me what size has this game shrinked, and if it works (shrinked)? Thx in advance :blush:
  4. Johann

    Idea: Add 2/3/4 players suport

    Seems that UltraHLE doesn't have suport for 2 players :( You can configure it with the plugins, the game detects a 2nd pad, but it doesn't do anything. Maybe you can add it in the next version?
  5. Johann

    UltraHLE Alpha 1.1.3 sound problems

    For some strange reason, I can't hear anything with the latest version (1.1.3). Anyone has this problem??