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    Mario Kart 64 Reloaded

    plugin (use it instead of rice) : here texture pack (drop into hires_texture folder as a standard rice video texture pack) : here plugin source (optional, for devs who want to take a look at the code) : here for more information about this project (presentation, install instructions, contact...
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    Mario kart reloaded - issues

    Hi everyone, as mentionned in the official thread, i'm currently facing two issues with my retexturing project. The first one is that some textures happen to be randomly flipping in places they shouldn't appear. The following pictures illustrate this problem: (look closely at the yoshi...
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    Mario kart reloaded - official thread

    Hi guys, here is the official thread for the "mario kart reloaded" I intend to make by retexturing all the maps of the game. As some of you may have read in the other post, my plan was to load several textures for a unique texture reference. I now finished retexturing toad's turnpike, and...
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    Mario kart reloaded

    hi, a few months ago, i discovered all those things about retexturing and i thought it was awesome i often play Mario Kart 64 and recently decided to retexture all the maps of the game. Here is a first try for "skyscrapper", tell me what you think: some of you may notice that the color of...
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    rice plugin compilation issue

    Hi, everyone i'm actually working on slight improvements of rice plugin that i'll share with people who are interested in those as soon as possible, but i'm confronted to a problem which drives me insane when i try to link the project: these errors seems to suggest that BMGLib.lib isn't...
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    Retexturing the sky

    Retexturing the sky - i ll give you tons of $! haha Hi, everyone i recently discovered all this stuff about high resolution textures, and it just makes me mad not having found it earlier! i began to hack textures on mario kart 64 and everything works fine, except for the fact that i never...