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    Smiff! Why is my I.P banned?

    I've tried to send you an e-mail, but got no response. I send one to martin, but he didn't know why, and suggested I should talk to you. I'm using a friends computer right now, so I can read the boards:(
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    Apollo speed test(won't get you to the moon but..:)

    Hi! Just want to say Apollo promises to be a fine emulator in the future. I tried out some games with it, using Jabos video and input plugins but w/o sound, and took some notes Apollo v0.03b Cruisin USA - works slow(22 fps ave, ranging 20-25) Zelda: Oot - works so so(31 fps ave, ranging...
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    Fullscreen vs windowed...

    Fullscreen should be faster right? So how much difference does it make really, performance-wise(like fps)?
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    Games that run flawlessly?

    Which games would run flawlessly on a machine with my hardware? Currently the only ones I've run across are Super Mario 64, Aerogauge and Zelda: Oot, with waverace 64 being an almost(sound is a little choppy). I'm hoping someone with a similar machine would share their experience:)