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  1. Kahenraz

    I love thrift shops

    I found a sealed Tetrisphere and a partially sealed Mario Gold n64 box for $7 each. :flowers: With the games inside mind you. :P
  2. Kahenraz

    Strange crashes

    This is really weird.. for the past few days I've been comming home to one of my computers to find everything running normally but strangely missing some windows that I thought I had left open. When I came home today my comp was making a bit of noise so I turned on the monitor and realized that...
  3. Kahenraz

    Attn: Martin. Fatal Error

    I keep getting this same error on every forum page: Fatal error: Cannot break/continue 1 level in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 119
  4. Kahenraz

    n64 box not responding

    Ok, this is really getting anoying. I've tried connecting my n64 to two VCRs and one stereo rf modulator. But when I turn the consol on, I always get.. wow.. nothing!! What's going on? :bye3:
  5. Kahenraz

    This makes me sick to my stomach This is truely incredible. This will ruin Valve!! I can't even describe how this makes me feel... They have been working on that game for YEARS!
  6. Kahenraz

    I missed it!

    Of course.. it was all planned.. 1964 beta apps would start being accepted as soon as Kahenraz takes a short vacation. GL to all those accepted!!
  7. Kahenraz

    I bought my first n64 :D

    I can remember... um.. *thinks real hard* waaay back like 4-5 years ago when a friend down the street bought an n64. I was soo jelous, especially because he had really cool games like Zelda and SSB. Earlier today, he pulled me aside in school and asked me if I wanted to buy his MTG rare...
  8. Kahenraz

    It did it!! I got 3D Studio r4 working!!

    I've been pecking at this for months!! I have an old backup of Autodesk's: 3D Studio r4, but it's a poor directory rip (most likely a bad install as well). When I tried running it, it crashed every time. A few months ago, I did some intense googling and found some information on configuration...
  9. Kahenraz

    Windows: Hidden Settings!!!

    I found this pic online and I couldn't resist posting it up here.
  10. Kahenraz

    Suggestions on LCD purchasing.

    Hey all. I'm trying to find some good prices on quality LCDs for replacements of my old monitors. The monitors are still fairly new, but my room as been heating up like a sauna from the heat emmission of a 19", 15" and a flood lamp. The problem I face is that I have no background knowledge of...
  11. Kahenraz

    Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

    I'd sure like THAT monster on every one of my MBs. That way I would be able to plugin in my good 'ol Sound Blaster 16 or SBAWE 32. BUT! I did two days ago what my friend thought was the impossible. I got sound (midi) AND (( SPEECH )) working on Wing Commander Privateer on my p4 1.4 Ghz w/Sound...
  12. Kahenraz

    Network speed

    Ok, somebody please explain this to me. Why is it that when I transfer files over my network, it only sends at ~850kbps instead of the 10mbit that my hub supports. The network is routed with Cat5 cables and I am transfering data from an ATA100 7200rpm HDD to a ATA33 7200RPM HDD. I believe...
  13. Kahenraz

    Emulator and Plugin Archive

    Hey! I had a great idea while reading this post: Why not start up an emulator and rom archive? These things are all going to *poof* dissapear 10-20 years from now. Why not save the past? When and if we finally create the "perfect" emulator, it may...
  14. Kahenraz

    My completed portfolio

    Hahah! I've finally completed my portfolio! Please post any critique, suggestions, or comments. I'm so happy! This must be the 12th+ revision...
  15. Kahenraz

    My uber cool gamepad

    Isn't it a 'beut? This is an actual 3d model of one of my n64 controller. Not bad eh?
  16. Kahenraz

    PCI to ISA Adapter

    I know these things used to exit before they were all pulled from the shelves due to compatability problems, but I'm hoping that SOMEONE out there managed to grab one. It's kind of a long story but I'm looking to buy one or pay someone to build me one. I can reimburse for parts used or provide...
  17. Kahenraz

    Suggestion to the authors

    One of the big pains about 1964 and Nemu is that is creates a rom list every time you start up the emu. This is a pain when you're testing things and crashing often and I'm sure is a nightmare when you have a very large number of roms. I'm suggesting that something be implimented that can...
  18. Kahenraz

    Aaahhh! Stop torturing me!

    I still havent *cough* tripped over *cough* Master Quest! I've been covering my eyes and wandering around aimlessly for days! Dang you (source removed) (source removed) (source removed) (source removed) and most of all whom I dispize with the passion of a hundred rabbid flesh eating snails...
  19. Kahenraz

    Unofficial Nemu64 FAQ

    I started this under the thread name Netplay Tips and when I tried renaming the thread, it didn't change. I then made another thread, but wasn't paying attention and named it Unofficial Nemu 64. THIS TIME I GOT IT RIGHT :happy: So, I'm starting it over AGAIN. The FAQ is pretty much Q and A...
  20. Kahenraz

    Unofficial Nemu64

    Unofficial Nemu64 FAQ I started this under the thread name Netplay Tips and when I tried renaming the thread, it didn't change. So, I'm starting it over. The FAQ is pretty much Q and A. I'll update when appropriate. Unofficial Nemu FAQ! Q: I'm connected with a friend in the game and he can...