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  1. ninja1

    Dualis news :O

    on my circle on school i came over this it seems ideas got a new opponent again :D, because dualis is able to run commercial games/demo's now :D, just dont know how far :), more news will most likely follow...
  2. ninja1

    DeSmuME for linux users :)

    i dont know if it is worth it making a thread about it... but:) link to desmume for linux users, seeing they couldnt run the 0.3.3 one, because it was written for windows and not for linux :), so if any linux users are here, you can rejoice :P
  3. ninja1

    Bai bai desmume :(

    i was just doing my usuall round and found this on the site of yopyop :( DeSmuMe project is over. You may don’t know but there are a new law in France that could put me in big trouble. With DeSmuMe, I have closed the doors of game company but I can not offer to pay for it. The worst thing is...
  4. ninja1

    Homebrew roms :O

    usually i wouldnt start about this, but sum great developements and releases are going on, a few examples: Tales of Dagur, RPG,1917.msg12692.html#msg12692 Hero, Action platform...
  5. ninja1

    i hate to bring this news from ideas, but...

    ... read it for urself :unsure:
  6. ninja1

    New version of desmume 0.3.3

    yopyop released a new "stable" version of desmume, ya can get the french version here: patchnotes: Voila la version stable. L'ému ne devrait normalement plus se figer (sauf bien sur, sur les demo voulant utiliser la 3Dfifo. Here's the stable version. It shouldn't freez...