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  1. Nintendo Maniac

    Video - [Cen64 2016-10-15 multithread] Hydro Thunder with audio & memory card saving

    Video - [Cen64 2016-10-15 multithread] Hydro Thunder with audio & memory card saving Sorry, no alternate upscaled version this time - only unfiltered.
  2. Nintendo Maniac

    Video - [Cen64 2016-04-29 multithread] Hydro Thunder runs great!

    DISCLAIMER: It may run great, but it certainly doesn't sound great. :P You might be wise to turn down or even mute your volume. Been wanting to record and upload this for a while now and finally got around to doing it. The following two videos come from the exact same recorded footage, but...
  3. Nintendo Maniac

    Source code for v3 released!

    UltraFast v3 and source code released! RetroRalph has finally gotten around to releasing the source. Apparently he wanted to upload it to an open source site, but he just hasn't had the time. Source only - Direct link: 1964 UltraFast...
  4. Nintendo Maniac

    I got a GoldenEye cheat not included...

    The code formatted for the Project64.cht file is the following: Cheat0="Multiplayer Level with 3-4 Players",8002B537 00?? Cheat0_O=$08 Bunker,$09 Archives,$0A Caverns,$0B Egyptian Obviously the 0 in "Cheat0" should be whatever number cheat it is on the list.
  5. Nintendo Maniac

    Analog shoulder buttons?

    Is there any way to enable analog shoulder buttons, or is the function just not implemented yet? I wanted to put my 360 pad's triggers to good use... EDIT: I should be more clear, it's not that I'm trying to use analog triggers on dolphin's shoulder buttons. I was looking if dolphin even...
  6. Nintendo Maniac

    Is there a device that can dump or back-up N64 saves?

    I'm looking for something to dump my N64 saves, because I'm assuming people will figure out a way to use them on the Wii's virtual console and because I'm afraid that my battery-saves will be dieing soon... I don't want all that work to be useless. It would need to dump saves from both the N64...
  7. Nintendo Maniac

    Patch or hack or SOMETHING for 7zip support?

    I just went on a massive N64 rom downloading spree to get copies of all my uhh... legal XD N64 games. This was because I'm worried that my saves will be dieing soon, and also that maybe people will figure out how to get roms onto the Wii so that we could play the games that aren't for download...
  8. Nintendo Maniac

    Error: "Couldn't init the core. Check your configuration"

    Never Mind - Problem Solved Uhh... I wasn't getting this error before, instead, I was getting a bunch of audio errors. But now I keep getting this, and I didn't change anything... What the heck does the error mean? O_o EDIT: I forgot to mention, I'm using the 1.03.2 BETA EDIT 2: OK, now...
  9. Nintendo Maniac

    HOLY SHIZZLE! Homebrew F-Zero X Track Editor for PC! There it is people, the track editor for F-Zero X that we never had. It's based off the track editor for the F-Zero X 64DD Expansion Kit, but since the rest of the world got ripped by it not making it out of Japan, here's your solution. And if...