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    Game collections

    I was just wondering what games everybody owned. Here is my small collection that I'm working on: NES: Mario/Duck Hunt, Zelda 1, Mega Man 1 & 3, Mike Tysons Punch Out, Bases Loaded, Baseball Simulator 1000, Fast Break, RBI Baseball 2, Mario 3. SNES: Mario World, Mario All Stars, Mario RPG...
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    Help deciding on gfx card

    I just got through ordering a new cpu, mobo, and memory and I'm planning on getting a new graphics card, but the problem is I usually order nvidia cards, but the mobo I got only supports crossfire and not sli, so I'm planning on getting a couple of ati cards. Any ideas on what cards would be...
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    Building a new pc

    I'm looking to build a new gaming pc and I was wondering what you guys think about this rig.
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    Chrono Trigger Sealed

    Found this while randomly searching for games on Ebay. I'm anxious to see what this goes for.
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    Blue Ray dominates

    I guess the Hi Def war is finally over as Toshiba has dropped out of the Hi Def run. Good thing too since I own a PS3, xD.;_ylt=AtjwRIDqVcl_tGiX0wx9sHAjtBAF
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    Forever maybe near

    Here's the new teaser for DNF if anyone hasn't seen it yet With the release of this teaser I wonder if the game will be released within the next 3 years. I can only hope this happens.
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    Not sure on reliability of source, but look

    Apparently they casted goku and piccolo for the upcoming DBZ movie as well as got a director(James Wong) and producer(Stephen Chow) If it's in fact true then it's going to be great. I'm a big fan of Stephen Chow movies, so I'm sure it'll be...
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    Boot to the head

    Saw this on youtube and just had to post it.
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    Fake or no?

    I'm sure its a fake, but check it out for yourselves edit: After checking the site out more I realized the links on the site don't work, so good going to the person who created the site.
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    300 pg version trailer

    pretty funny stuff.
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    Game tunes on the guitar

    Probably the best version of these songs I've heard done on the guitar. Go to and check out the tributes. If you wanna see him while he's playing search for vertexguy on youtube.
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    Bush song

    Who knew Bush could sing like this
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    Help picking a laptop.

    I am getting $1800 for a laptop, and I need some help picking one out. I am looking for one to use for school, but I also wanna make sure it's fast and can handle gaming. I was searching around and picked this one out from cyberpowerpc, but I am still looking. Here are the specs of it...
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    Who reserved what?

    I just want to know what everybody here reserved for the upcoming consoles. I reserved a Nintendo Wii, Zelda Twilight Princess, and a classic controller for the Wii.
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    Server Host

    I am in need of a good server host for the clan that I am in on Jedi Knight Academy. The host we were using before is messing up right now, and we are just tired of it. The old host was escape turkey, and they keep shutting our server down due to excessive bandwidth even though the server has...
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    Finally upgrading my pc

    I finally got the money to upgrade my pc. So far I have ordered the motherboard and processor shown below. mobo processor The trouble I am having is deciding on what...
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    Got me an NES

    I was finally able to find a NES system. It came with the original system, 1 controller, a gun, and it was in excellent condition. It also came with Mario/Duckhunt, Magic Johnson's Fast Break, RBI 2 Baseball, Bases Loaded, and Baseball Simulator 1.000. I got a pretty good deal on it too, all...
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    Pirates of the Caribbean 2

    I was just wondering who seen this movie yet and what you thought of it. I personally thought it was an excellent movie and think it goes down as one of the better sequals I have ever seen.
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    X-Men 3

    I was wondering what your thoughts were on X-Men 3. I personally liked the movie for what it was. I think that they changed too many things from the comics, but they did leave a lot of plotholes in the movie. Also did anybody actually stay past the ending credits, cause there is an extra...
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    Pc to tv help

    I'm having trouble connecting my pc to my tv. I have a geforce 6800LE with an s video port on the back. My tv doesn't have an s video port, but I have an adapter that changes s video to the normal yellow video port. When I connect my pc to my tv, everything comes on the screen, but its in...