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  1. _Chrono_

    HyperDS update....

    Well this isnt a fun news im afraid... Here's what the author had to say: damm...some people can be stupid sometimes... HyperDS Homepage
  2. _Chrono_

    Dolwin Patch Pack 0.10.1 released!

    This pack includes patches that will make games go further in Dolwin 0.10. Some games like 1080 Avalanches, Mario Kart Double Dash, Zelda: Wind Waker are now bootable. Also included is an updated games.ini and .map files to make memcards work with MK: DD. READ THE README! :p Enjoy
  3. _Chrono_

    Dolwin 0.10 released!!

    Just copy/pasted what i said in Emuforums. You guys have been waiting a long time for the next release of Dolwin. Remember that this emulator has undergone a total rewrite of the code. [20:07] <or9> i remembert "w00ty" Get Dolwin 0.10 at Dolwin's Homepage Also the Dolphin GX plugin (ported...