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    Project 64 games with 3ds graphics?

    So, i was wondering if it would perhaps be possible to play nintendo 64 games on project 64 with 3ds graphics some day? I really like the graphics in the 3ds versions of majora's mask and ocarina of time, but i personally prefer the nintendo 64 versions of the games. I also like how smooth the...
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    Was 1.6 the best version of project 64?

    Is version 1.6 the best version of project 64? So im a big fan of project 64. I have been using this emulator for many, many years. I personally think it's the best nintendo 64 emulator out there, but i miss this particular version of project 64. It just needed a few bugs fixed, such as the bug...
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    Happy new year

    I wish you guys a happy new year. :)
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    Game versions

    So as most of you know, there's different versions of ocarina of time, where some of the bugs has been fixed and things like that. I was wondering if there's different versions of games like super mario 64, majora's mask, super mario sunshine, luigi's mansion and twilight princess as well?
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    Majora's Mask N64HD Project Completed!

    Well, that looks absolutely amazing!
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    Is this forum still alive?

    It seems pretty dead these days.
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    Is it possible to change gamenames?

    Changing gamenames Is it possible to change the names of your roms?
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    N64oid on nvidia shield tv

    So, i just bought a brand new nvidia shield tv, and i have already installed n64oid on it. It seems to be working flawlessly, the only problem is that it won't let me bind the c-buttons to my controller for some reason, why's that?
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    PJ64 and Dolphin and televions?

    Project 64 and dolphin on televions? I was wondering if it would someday be possible to use emulators with your tv? I have this tv coupled with a pair of bose cinemate speakers, so playing my favorite nintendo 64 and gamecube games with good looking graphics on my setup, would be pretty...
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    Controller plugins If i start a game with project 64, i sometimes have to manually go into options and select configure controller plugin, and then select my playstation 3 controller, to be able to play my games. I'd prefer to play them right away, without having to select my controller all the...
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    High Level Audio

    High level audio I was wondering what the high level audio button does, and what you need to do, to be able to use it? It says it needs a third party plugin to support it, what exactly does that mean? Also, if it improves the sound, then how big is the improvement with high level audio enabled?
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    PS3 controller for project 64

    Playstation 3 controller with project 64 I was wondering if it's possible to use a playstation 3 controller with project 64, wirelessly?
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    Save files deleted

    I took backup of my savefiles on my usb drive, then re installed windows, and when i moved the savefiles back in, after reinstalling pj64, they are all deleted except mario 64 which still works and my 116 stars are still there.
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    Usa Vs. Europe (NGC)

    I have super mario sunshine (EU) and luigis mansion (USA) what is the difference, i noticed that when i run luigis mansion (usa) it is a bit smaller in windowed mode, whereas super mario sunshine is a bit too big in windowed mode.
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    Dolphin doesnt work

    I have installed Dolphin and it works But *** Link removed *** Aftter downloading masterquest it turns into a .rar file. When i try to open with Dolphin it does not allow me to. When i look in the .rar file there is 20 folders??? I need ONLY the clean ISO file and not more. And yes i already...
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    how do you make gameboy emulator work

    Gameboy emulators Hi, i want to play Pokémon blue on gameboy, what emulator is best, and also how does savefiles work? when i save a game what folder does it go into? i need to know because i need to take backups of my savefiles like with project 64 because i have some savefiles on project 64...
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    Best Gameboy Emulator

    Best gameboy emulator? So, i was thinking of playing some of my old gameboy games, just for the sake of nostalgia, but im not sure which gameboy emulator i should get?
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    How long will PJ64 last?

    Will it work with the next gen. of Windows, like Windows 8? Because it works with XP,Vista and 7. How long will you keep supporting it?
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    Put your own pokemons in Pokemon Stadium

    Can you use your own pokemon in pokemon stadium? How do i add my own Pokémon to Pokemon Stadium? The ones you can choose are really bad.
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    Black lines in some games

    Black borders in super mario 64 It seems that, in super mario 64, there's a problem with black borders on the top and bottom of the screen. It's not a problem with the rest of my games. Is it something that has to do with pal and ntsc fortmats? Is there some way to fix this?