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    bad textures in F-Zero X

    The textures of spaceships in F-Zero X are "bad". For example: CORRECT BAD In my original cartridge in a N64 real the textures are correct. Any special configuration in mupen64plus.cfg ???? Other capture:
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    Glide64 with Mupen64plus 1.99.x

    Is possible ? How ?
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    Which keys in keyboard are ...

    Which keys in keyboard are : Kbd Mapping Stop = 27 Kbd Mapping Fullscreen = 323 Kbd Mapping Save State = 286 Kbd Mapping Load State = 288 Kbd Mapping Increment Slot = 0 Kbd Mapping Reset = 290 Kbd Mapping Speed Down = 291 Kbd Mapping Speed Up = 292 Kbd Mapping Screenshot = 293 Kbd...
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    Not work some cheats of Lylat Wars (E)

    Almost not works this cheats: - Infinite Energy - Unlimited Smart Bombs - Possibily some mores cheats (Infinite Armors X, etc.) I need patch the rom???? : File Name: Lylat Wars (E) (M3) [!].zip Rom Internal Name: STARFOX64 CRC1: F4CBE92C CRC2: B392ED12 Country: Europe (0x50) Alternate Title...