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  1. tbag

    Trouble with Satourne

    Hi, When i unzip the english Satourne how come 1. Its still in french? 2. I only get the same error "ASPI non installe!" I have the Bios in the bios folder what else????
  2. tbag

    Nintendo bites back big!

    This weeks top 5 games from japan: 1. Pokemon Sapphire with 700,492 sales (GBA) 2. Pokemon Ruby with 672,315 sales (GBA) 3. Biohazard 4 (0 in japan) with 168,604 sales (GC) 4. Super Robot Great War with 116,009 sales (GBA) 5. Mario Party 4 with 283,582 sales (GC) Total: 1,942,002 in sales! So...
  3. tbag

    Wow Metroid Prime sales! Gotta admit Nintendos kicking ass right back on the other consoles 250,000 sales of Metriod Prime in America :) And they expect Metriod Prime and Resident Evil Zero to sell 500,000 copys by the end of the holidays :holiday:
  4. tbag

    Liksang still in trouble Wow liksang are still upto there knees in lawsuit crap :nuke:
  5. tbag

    New news at Vboy homepage

    This posted at Visualboy website "If you are not a software developer for the GBA, ignore this post. The next version of VBA will have profiling support: it will gather histogram (register 15 locations) at a given frequency and call graph information (caller and callee). The output will be in...
  6. tbag

    Virtual Jaguar New Screenies Even more new screenies current news is "Added early dsp emulation and fixed other bugs" No offence but i think this Jaguar emu is gonna be better then Project Tempest as it allready has higher compatibility and is un-released :D
  7. tbag

    Whats new in Boycott v0.2.7?

    Heres what Gollum says on the official site if you want to see for yourself :) "Here is what you can expect in the next release of BoycottAdvance. Most of these changes are for the Windows GUI and options but I plan to add a few fixes for GBA compatibility...
  8. tbag

    Mario Party 4 GC

    Woot! Nintendo only anounced it today! Go ahead download a trailer :)
  9. tbag

    PCSX2 new screenies!

    Wow some nice progress coming along only running at 10 FPS per second though oh well still getting there :) For more pics goto
  10. tbag

    Nebula Model 2 test now with textures

    Nebula and Model2 Updated... CPS2 Improved VBlank timing. Fixes some problems with SFA3.. CPS1 Fixed crashing in Punisher in the 2nd stage boss. NEOGEO Added support for the Universe BIOS. Go to Game->Neogeo Options and enable "Use Universe BIOS" to load it. The bios must be in a zip...
  11. tbag

    Just to feel special

    Just to feel special ;) Crappy GC debug kits pissed me off with copyright protection so i wrote a crack to go with it :)
  12. tbag

    VBA 1.2 Translations

    VBA 1.2 Translations avaliable now - Italian - Brazilian Portuguese So if you dont speak english then why not get translations? :D
  13. tbag

    5000 members!

    There you have it folks emutalk reached its 5000 member and many many more to come ;)
  14. tbag

    Aldo's Frontend GBA SDL

    This is the new version of Aldo's Frontend which is the Frontend Visualboy & BoycottAdvance use :D Added AdvanceMAME Scale2x and Simple 2x filters, increased frameskip up to 9 and includes the missing libmmd.dll required by the new VisualBoyAdvance/SDL 1.2. Anyhow probably useful for GBA...
  15. tbag

    BoycottAdvance v0.2.7 It now says NEW SITE COMING SOON... NEW VERSION 0.2.7 COMING SOON... Im looking forward to this new version :cool:
  16. tbag

    A dead past

    Hmm.. if you were in Australia id like to note that if you watched a document on hacking on SBS this is what im going on about. Ok this document was about homebrewers who created software for PC's back in the 80's a big group of them anyhow this went on for many years etc.. But then Bill Gates...
  17. tbag

    LOL MegaMan Battle Network

    This is a screenshot from megaman battle network 2 i got today this is no joke but look what it says when i walk upto the board lol :)
  18. tbag

    Another Saturn Emu

    Well well looks like noone knew about this one eh? click on A-Saturn Looks pretty compatible if you ask me :cool: Anyhow check it out and i cant beleive Saturn Shack didnt post about it as a new version was released a few days ago :)
  19. tbag

    Good CPU deal?

    Hiya for around $750 USD and $1300 AUD I can get these all for just $1300: Epox 8K3A AMD PALAMINO XP 1800+ (1530mhz)OEM Thermaltake Volcano 6CU CPU cooler Leadtek Winfast A250 TD Le Geforce4 TI-4200 128mb TV-OUT, MY VIVO Seagate Barracuda ST340016A ATA IV 40gb 7200rpm Aopen...
  20. tbag

    This is quite sad

    No offence but Who wants to be a millionare GBA game is pretty poor it doesnt even have a game menu lol NOTE: The answer is Mamma Mia and this GBA game is just plain sad :plain2: