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    dynasty warriors 3 with pcsx2 0.7

    anyone got this game to boot(no not play just show something)if anyone did plz tell me wat u do to get it working.thx.
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    buying a new graphics card

    im buying a new card.which 1 should i pick.ATI Radeon 9700 or NVIDIA Geforce FX 5700? :whistling
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    pixel shader 2.0 support

    hey guys i was wondering if there is such software that can make a radeon 9200se support pixel shader may sound kinda dumb but i just want to know.thanks.btw is this right place to post a thread like this :whistling ?
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    How to load downloaded save games with vba

    hey can u guys tell me how to load save games that are downloaded :paperbag: ?its in sps format.thanks. :term:
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    size of gcms when shrinked

    hey i just want to noe the size of super mario sunshine,final fantasy crystal chrononicles and sonic adventure 2 battle when they're shrinked. :bouncy: thx :bouncy:
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    soa patcher prob

    ok im using the echelon version of skies of arcadia and i used the soa patcher to handle the echelon says its done patching and it should be in the soa patcher folder but theres no image inside the folder.can somebody help me here :term:
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    hey,my ikaruga doesnt boot in dolphin and i want to know if pal games work.(cause most of my games are ntsc and it shows the nintendo screen)if pal games dont work then i guess my problem's solved. :party: :party: :phone: :ala: :happy: :bye3: :huh: :term: :yawn: :smurf: :evil...
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    no sound when playing mvc2 with chankast

    when i played my mvc2 with chankast 0.25 alpha,theres no sound but when irunned the bios and played other games theres a sound.can someone help me?is it a bug on chankast thats not fixed?(the games works just fine just the sound for mvc2)