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    Tonic trouble

    which is the best config or gfx plugin to play this game? because I tried lot of plugins and configs and all have gfx issues
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    wave race & force feedback

    I just noted that the japan version 1.2 of wave race have support for the rumble pak & force feedback but english versions 1.0 and 1.1 or euro version doesn't have any force feedback working what's happening? can anyone check please this? btw,are there any traduction available or patch for...
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    40 winks working almost perfect on project 64

    these days I have been trying to make the game 40 winks to work correctly it runs errors...on menus... no glitches 40 winks is a 3d platform game done for the psx and planned for the nintendo 64 but never released to the public....but was finished and completed (I think) I think =...