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    Question about driving games

    Can I ask, is there force feedback support for the driving games? Also, which NAOMI and NAOMI 2 driving games currently work fairly well? Initial D? Cart Club? Ferrari F355?
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    Will Gametap's DC emulator render Chankast extinct?

    With Gametap's new broadband gaming service, we will alledgedly be able to play 100% accurate Dreamcast games. They have said that this emu they're using will be so authentic as to be indistinguishable from the actual console. Only catch is all the DC games won't be available at'll...
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    Just downloaded chankast....where do I put my files/roms?

    OK I just grabbed the emu. I've got a DVD full of DC roms in ISO format. where should I place them? In the ame directory as the emu.exe? And what else do I need to start playing?
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    What racing games run perfect or near perfect?

    Hi. I'm curious....what racing games run perfect or near perfect in Chankast? Which ones have little to no graphical or framerate program.
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    Is it possible to play ISOs on a real Dreamcast?

    Hi. I was curious....what utlities would someone need to be able to play DC roms, in ISO format on a real DC? If I simply mod my DC, would it work? Or would I need to actually burn the games on to a GD? If so, where can I buy blank GD disks?
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    Kinda OT...Retexture PS One games?

    Anyone heard anything on wether they will consider or have begun retexturing psx games? I would LOVE to be able to play Rage Racer with new high rez textures!!!!!
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    Buying a new gaming laptop for chankast...Ati Mobility X800 or GeForce 6800Go?

    Hi guys. Well I'm just about to pull the trigger on a killer mobile desktop to take to work and I wanna play some Chankast.....I've decided to go with the *Sager 9860*, as it appears to offer a lot of goodies that I'm looking for. Anyway what graphics card should I put into my laptop...the Ati...