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    Project64 2.1

    Released 2.1, it now has glide64 in the installer. Project64.exe: Make sure current dir is base folder (not screnshot) Initialize eeprom to 0xFF instead of 0x00 Add LL and SC to Analyze Instruction ignore 0x0407000D as an opcode in analysis Make it easier for plugins to read directories from...
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    Project64 2.0 is now available and open source!

    The beta program is now closed. You can now install project64 2.0 and get the clone the source if you want to. You can download Project64 from: the source can be cloned via git at:
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    New Project64 forum

    The project64 team has a new forum dedicated just to there project. You can get to it here:
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    New project64 web site

    We have a new site: I would like to thank martin for hosting all these years. This new site is on our own box now. I rebuilt the site up from scratch so I am sure there will be some teething issues/things I missed. If you find anything please tell me. Any way...
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    Mario Kart Monitor in action

    Eikef7 has made a video using jabo's new plugin showing off the monitor in Mario kart 64. This is great with no slow downs at all any more. Have a look at it here:
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    Project64 site redesign

    We are redesigning this site with a new layout/logo/color scheme. The current logo, I designed very early in the life of the emulator and was the basis of the current color scheme for the site. I would like to go with a color scheme that is similar to the n64 logo, green, red, blue and yellow. I...
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    Feature: On loading a ROM go to full screen

    One of the settings we have is that when you start a rom then it will go to full screen. This is on by default and one of the first settings I do turn off, this is more because I am testing and find it annoying. What do other people think, should we have this on as the default or have it so you...
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    Windows Firewall

    Do you use a firewall on your PC? If so which one and what do you like/dislike about it.
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    Does pj64 show language correctly

    I am working on a project for work, that one of the requirements is that it is compiled as unicode. Since pj64 is not unicode, is there any languages that do not work because of this?
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    Is Pj64 fast enough?

    Thanks to all the people who have added to the thread about what they would like to see in project64. There are a lot of good suggestions. One of the comments was that they had too much of a low end machine for pj64 to run well. I am setting up a poll to see how big a problem this is among our...
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    What do you want in Project64 ?

    We are considering new features that people would want in pj64 which are not in 1.6 So far the different ideas we have are these. High texture replacement Net play Quick switching mempacks Configuring short cut keys 7zip support Cheat Creation tools Transfer pak for pokemon stadium Save...
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    Lle Gfx

    One of the new things that have now been added in to the current beta of project 64 is low level graphics. It is slow running at 5-30 fps on my machine, so you would not want to play a game with it. Some games look great, others not so good. Here are a couple of screen shots. Feel free to...
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    7zip decompression

    I am looking at adding 7zip support in to pj64. One thing that does seem bad for support is that it appears I need to extract all the files from the zip to read any data. With a regular zip I can just read a small amount. For loading a game this is not much of an issue (beyond also not getting a...
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    Project64’s Future (donations and v1.7 beta development)

    Update: Site now open! Click here for info! As you might know the Project64 team mostly have busy lives these days. Improvements, fixes and new features still get added to PJ64 behind closed doors. We've always tended not to talk about what's going on, it probably seems like PJ64 happens only...
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    Project64 1.6 Language Files

    Here are the new strings added on 1.6 /********************************************************************************* * Menu *********************************************************************************/ //Help Menu #185# "Support &Forum" #186# "&Homepage"...
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    Project64 1.6 Released!

    :pj64: Project64 1.6 is out. Download it and share your thoughts & opinions :pj64: Download it here!
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    Any one know there was a debugger in pj64

    Any one know there was a debugger in pj64 ??
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    how many people know there is a full debugger in pj64 ?

    how many people know there is a full debugger in pj64 ?