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    Dolphin brought new life to my gamecube / wii games

    Just an appreciation thread, really. It's really nice to play my twilight princess and smash bros brawl at higher resolutions (1920x1080, 4x anti-aliasing with 2x native resolution is fantastic!). I notice a few glitches here and there but it is emulation after all (and I noticed anisotropic...
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    i thought you guys might like this

    I made a myspace music page. It's basically my MIDIs of video game themes I imitated or rearranged (excluding the Beverly Hills Cop Axel Foley theme). They do have reverb effects and what not. They're not plain dumb MIDIs. Some include the One Must Fall...
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    project64k crashing

    OK, I don't get it. First, everytime I try to load up the emulator is gives me a gfx dll error. I reselect the graphics file, start netplay, load up a game and it gives me the error again twice then it closes the emulator. I'm running windows vista. Does that have anything to do with it?
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    Huh... so what's goin on?

    Emutalk used to be so alive, it seems dead compared to what it used to be, not to mention N64 emulation seems to be on a long hiatus (1964 v1.0 is still in beta? might as well call it an alpha, and PJ64 1.7 as well? I know about the donation thing). Anyway, just coming on to say hi :). Though...
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    my new build

    I recently got a new computer build. Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L Intel E2180 (@ 2.66ghz o/c'd) G.SKILL 2x2GB DDR2 1000 (@ 1066 5-5-5-15) Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 512MB I plan to get the new cheaper intel quad-core when it comes out next month (year), either in January or February. I also got a scythe...
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    The new NVIDIA Geforce 8800GT Really fucking good card for its price range. It's around $250 for the normal clocked version. There are overclocked versions for a more expensive price but who needs those when we can OC ourselves? It's faster than the 8800GTS, and takes...
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    upgrading my current setup

    I have a Gigabyte GA-K8NSC mobo with an AMD64 3200+ and an ATi x850pro video card. I want to make a fast quick cheap upgrade to it just so it can last for a while longer until I can save up for a new computer within the middle of next year (hopefully with all the good shit). Hopefully I'll have...
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    xbox 360 premium with hdmi connection Only for premiums, and it's $350 Now, as far as the early adopters like myself, erm.. anyone know if one can somehow get an exchange for the current xbox 360 one has now and get the xbox 360 with the hdmi?
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    And so it begins...
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    slow startup

    Well one of my friend's computers starts up real slowly.. you know the WinXP logo screen and the blue lines that go from left to right, it goes across over 30 times, so it's a long load. I did almost everything, spyware removal, disk defrag, optimizing the registry, using system mechanic pro...
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    Radeon HD 2900XT benchmarks

    About time ATI.
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    Hooray for a dead goat party Lovely.
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    craziest idea

    I all of a sudden had an idea... not sure if it'll ever be implemented in realtime computer tech, but what if they made a multi-core system that could run 2 completely different tasks.. with 2 monitors? Like say with a quad core, 2 cores for one video process, and the other 2 for another...
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    1TB harddrive Damn thing is pretty fast, too. Of course that's due to it having 200gb per platter.
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    does the old xbox have an external ac adapter??

    Or is the ac adapter internal? In other words.. does the original xbox have to use an external "power brick"? or I can just plug in the power straight to my wall? I'm asking because I thought I lost an ac adapter for an xbox I'm borrowing from a friend. I don't want to take a chance and just...
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    recommend good gaming surround sound headphones?

    As the title suggests.. Could anyone recommend a good set of surround sound headphones for gaming?
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    recovering a bad video flash bios

    Is there a way where I can reload my original bios into my video card? I have an X850 Pro, and I flashed it to an X850 XT (yes, my card is a vivo). Now the video won't come on. I'm using my old geforce 2mx... ugh.. I had to upgrade from my ATI 9800 pro went out on me just suddenly. So, anyone...
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    Component cables...

    If I were to buy a component cable for an xbox, for a SDTV even.. would the quality between s-video or composite be much of a difference to tell? I do notice the definite image quality between s-video and composite (sharper, less blurry, better contrast).
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    This is just my opinion but...

    Wouldn't it be more worthwhile, and cheaper, if some of you that are upgrading, or already upgraded, wait till Vista comes out? I realize some of you probably won't get Vista, but even so, the new DX10 gfx cards are gonna come out around that time, and you know the current gfx cards out will...
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    car stereos

    Can anyone recommend some good car stereo systems? speakers, subs, and in dash players?