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    Well I am bored and figured I would post this. Cover of Opeth - The Drapery Falls Drums(me) and guitar(my friend). We never really tried to play this song together, but Opeth is my favorite band so I wanteds to try it and this is the result of a few times playing it. Its a pretty long song :D...
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    Good Netplay

    Well after playing some intense Mario Kart with LaC I would have to say i am very impressed with Netplay. No lag with connection set to GOOD 20 Keyframes. :nemu: :nemu: :nemu:
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    I dunno if I am blind.......

    I went to to see that nemu 0.8 was released but i dont remember seeing news about it on a site. Anyways just wondering if i am blind or not.havent been in the scene for some time now.
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    Video Card Tester

    I am writting a program and I need to know as many differant video cards as i can and how they work with n64 gfx plugins, So could u please run my prog and list your cards here that it says (need the exact string and it is case sensative). And tell me how they are with the plugs. Thx Click...
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    /me pokes Azimer

    <Azimer> That tickles ..............Memories.......................
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    69'th post :)

    this is the 69th post on this forum and i get to make it :D i feel all special, btw i am back :) i was to lazy to register after the transfer.