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    Moderators...Please fix the view counter

    Moderators, Is it possible to fix the view counter? Not having it working removes some of the fun and encouragement to be part of this forum and work on texture packs. ;) Thank you, Jay
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    Hello EVERYONE, Post to let us know you care... If you do not post you are saying you don't give a shit... How dead is this forum? Let's get a head count of who remains... ;) , Jay
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    We need Beta testers and support!

    We need Beta testers and support for Aristotle's Mudlord & Rice Video. If you would like to see what's been going on, be a beta tester, or just show your support for the further development of Rice Video, please follow this link to the thread:
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    Uninstall/Re-install PJ64?

    How do you do a FULL uninstall of PJ64 to get a clean reinstall? I have tried to install a second copy on my PC but it seems to do nothing, ie...not install anything. Do I need to remove registery entries or some other file(s) from elsewhere on my PC? Is two copies on the same PC possible...
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    Making Hi-res tutorial thread

    Hi and welcome! Here we will be hosting any artists' tutorials on how to make Hi-res Textures for use in N64 re-texture projects using mainly Adobe Photoshop, its plugins and other related programs. PLEASE do not post anything but TUTORIALS here! ;) In order to keep this thread clean with...
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    Making Hi-res Textures...discusion thread

    Hi, and welcome to the discussion thread for the " Making Hi-res tutorial thread " Anyone can post anything here regarding retexturing and the tutorials! Please note: When you post a question or comment that refers to a specific tutorial or artist please include the...
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    Project64 website down?

    Hi guys, What's up with ? All I get is "You are not authorised to view this resource." since last week now. Update? Edit: never-mind! It just worked again.
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    Body Harvest HD texture pack WIP

    Hi guys, With the anticipation of PJ64 1.7 coming out some day I was inspired to do a little work on Body Harvest. This is the texture pack I always knew I wanted to make. It was my first idea even before Castlevania LOD! Now that CLOD is (almost done) and I have all of that experience I...
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    Sin and Punishment, best setup w/Rice or Glide

    Sin and Punishment HD Textures Download by GITech I have started messing around with retexturing Sin and Punishment. I am having some problems though. SaP used to work pretty good with Rice but for some reason it won't work like it used to. I must of messed with some settings and can't figure...
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    Research thread for slowdown fix, "Trouble Textures" = CRC dupes ?

    I am no programmer so forgive me if I don't really know what I am talking about in my explanation: 1. It seems that the problem is textures that are similar in some way are dumped with the same CRC. (?) 2. Slowdown occurs only when they are up-sized and two or more of these textures are on...
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    1964 0.9.9 downloads with a "Backdoor.trojan" virus and does not run!!!

    1964 0.9.9 downloads with a "Backdoor.trojan" virus and does not run. When I try to run I get the message "...... is not a valid win32 application" I had to uninstall because of issues. Now I can not get a good copy of 1964 from any source. They all have this virus and issue. Anyone know...
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    Castlevania LOD Hi-res Texture Pack WIP

    Hi everyone, I am new here. I am working on a hires pack for Castlevania LOD. I started working on it on 1/8/08. I have never really used Photoshop or anything like it before seriously so this is my first attempt at my own hi-res pack. Let me know what you think. If you've never made a pack...