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  1. minkster

    King Arthur Parody! Funny stuff!

    Hey, I made this video originally for my english class, but now its been edited and good enough to be online! Its basically a parody of how Arthur becomes King with characters such as Merlin, Sir Ector, Sir Kay, Lancelot,and others. Enjoy! Click here to watch King-Arthur-Parody
  2. minkster

    Downloaded Dameon Tools 3.47..BSOD

    I downloaded Dameon Tools 3.47, and I got the good old Blue Screen Of Death while it was installing the drivers. I decided to restart the computer and I immediately did a system restore to an earlier time. Everything seems alright, but I was wondering if there was anything I had to remove...
  3. minkster

    So who here is lookin to buy a GP2X?

    Man that handheld looks sweet with its duel processors and capabilities...I am definately thinking of getting one:P I've heard that it can most likely emulate SNES, Genisis, NES, and other classic consoles at full speed! Not to mention it plays movies too. I heard liksang is selling them for...
  4. minkster

    Snes to Parallel Port Drivers

    Well, I've had one of these Snes to paralell port controllers for a good year now...and I'm quite satisfied with it, but I feel the controller needs to be more sensitive. Does anyone know of a good driver that supports sensitivity or works good for the paralell port (printer port)? Oh yeah, and...
  5. minkster

    Is this guy for real?

    Ok, so it ends up that my family got a new desktop today. Its an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ with 512MB RAM, 200GB hardrive, and some other cool nifty features. Well, this one guy who worked at Bestbuy was trying to get us to buy this thing called Webroot Spy Sweeper and PC-Cillin (Trend Micro...
  6. minkster


    I know this may sound kind of stupid, but 2xsai has been around a long time with emulators, and I was just wondering if a 4xsai filter is possible to create or if it even exists. I know things such as hq3x and hq4x have been made, but I find it to make images look to sharp and somewhat blocky...
  7. minkster

    A weird case of Malware

    My friend was complaining that his computer was running slow and had problems with it so I decided to help him out with his computer. I ran a spyware and adware scan with Spybot, Adaware, and Microsoft Anti-Spyware. I got rid of like about 100 things of spy/adaware and it made his computer run...
  8. minkster

    Emulating mouse with a Joystick

    Are there any freeware programs capable of doing this? I stumbled upon one program called JoyMouse , but it has trial of like 30 days to use it. If anyone knows of one please post it here:saint: thanks-minkster
  9. minkster

    N64, SNES, and PS2 Portables?!?!

    Yes, I wouldn't have believed it myself but it's true. This man, Ben Heckendorn is truly a genius. I never knew it was possible to create such consoles into actual handhelds. Take a look for yourself. Pretty neat-o if you ask me:P He has many more handhelds too from his website...
  10. minkster


    I was doing some google searches and found that there was an actual working snes emulator for the nintendo ds made by a guy named loopy (forum name). I've heard that a couple games run at full speed, while a lot of others have many graphic glitches and the compatibility is on the low side...
  11. minkster

    80's Commercials!

    This is so old school they have a bunch of old 80s commercials you could download and watch. Some are pretty cool while others are so gay its funny. Just thought I'd like to share it with you guys :P
  12. minkster

    PSX to USB question

    Hey all, I have this Radio Shack PSX-to-USB controller and overall it works great. I decided to fiddle around with it by taking my madcatz ps2 multitap and connecting it to the psx converter, and to my surprise it detects the multitap. It seems to detect the 1st controller slot, but not the...
  13. minkster

    Windows update screwed up my sound drivers?

    I just installed some windows updates and I had to restart my computer. Then I decided to play some music on Winamp and the computer made a beeping noise and an error that said something about a faulty sound driver. Then I look under dxdiag and it says I dont have a sound driver installed. Then...
  14. minkster

    Slowdowns big time

    Lately on 1964 or PJ64 I am getting slowdowns in a lot of my games. For instance I could be playing a game like Zelda OOT and it will run 60fps for a good 15minutes, and then slow down tremendously for a good five minutes, then go right back up to normal speed. I even tried making the resolution...
  15. minkster

    Attaching hi-res textures to the rom files

    Hypothetical Question This question is totally hypothetical...I was wondering if it is possible to merge hirez textures into an existing rom image to replace the old textures. Basically, making a new modified rom out of it. If this were to be possible...would it be legal? Or would that be...
  16. minkster

    F-Zero WIP

    I just started to work on the characters of F-zero. Here is a picture of one of the characters and what it looks like in gameplay. I may improve it more once I start getting more textures done. :bouncy: Enjoy-minkster
  17. minkster

    Minkster's SM64 Health Bar

    I just finished my health bar in Mario64...its been improved alot from the early stages. I got every texture hirezed except for one that keeps showing the yellow background and won't become transparent no matter what I do. Here is a shot of it working correctly and a shot of the only texture...
  18. minkster

    What is a good program to merge .avi and .rm files

    I was wondering if there are any good freeware programs that can merge video types such as .avi's .rm's .mpg's ect. If you know any please post it here. Thanks-minkster
  19. minkster

    VBA slows down

    Lately when using the recent 1.80 beta version, I have been getting slow downs in games like Metroid Fusion. The games will run fine for a good 25 minutes...then it will suddenly drop a good 25fps which makes the sound stutter and become unplayable. This even occured playing the game with the...
  20. minkster

    Errors in the Emutalk Arcade

    For the past 2 months I've been getting this error when trying to go into the arcade area: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /includes/functions.php on line 2894 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /includes/functions.php on line 2894 The error repeats like...