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    What games use ucode3mp3?

    I'm trying to figure out which games use ucode3mp3 in Mupen plus. I'm having difficulty finding out what games use mp3 on the n64. So far I only know of Perfect Dark and Conker.
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    Glide 64 Final Perfect Dark Light Coronas

    Not sure if this is the right forum. I've noticed, that Glide 64 Final does load the Coronas of lights for Perfect Dark, but for custom roms, occasionally it shows the Coronas in the intro, then disappears for the rest of the playing. It works fine on console. Was there a special hack for...
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    N64 - List of games that use MusyX, and any open source audio plugin playing it?

    Is there a list of games that use MusyX audio, and any open source audio plugin using HLE that plays it? Thanks.
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    N64 Sound Tool ripping

    I have been working on the N64 Sound Tool which I hope is useful for the community. Most can also inject your own adpcm sounds, only about 10 or so you can't. The following games are supported: 64 de Hakken!! Tamagotchi Minna de Tamagotchi...
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    Nemu and Perfect Dark 1.1

    Is there any way to load Nemu and Perfect Dark 1.1 in lo res 4 meg mode? Whenever I do it, it seems to not load at all, get stuck right away in some kind of loop.
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    Sound import Capability - GoldenEye/Perfect Dark

    Not sure if this is of any interest to anyone, but we've made it possible to import new sound effects into GoldenEye or mp3s into Perfect Dark. For GoldenEye, it imports using 22050 Hz raw 16-bit wave files. For Perfect Dark it is 22050 Hz 24-bit mono mp3s with original bit flag set to false...
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    PJ64 ROM settings by checksum...can it be by name?

    I do a lot of modification early in the ROM, and every time I do it, it requires the checksum to be redone. Unfortunately, in PJ64 this causes it to not use the standard rom settings because it has a new checksum, and requires redoing the settings. Save states are done by name, can this be done...
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    Goldeneye Setup Editor V2 Release

    I mights'well post it here, it's old news, but anyways I've updated the Goldeneye Setup Editor to support visual editing. [Now also supports Font editing for the game] Brand New Features in Version 2.1: Navigate through every level from Goldeneye (including Citadel) visually, to any...
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    Project64 - Some weird ROM Checksum?

    I've been trying to modify some code in the ROM. I have had no trouble swapping out textures or replacing them with our own (see RWP), but now when I add code the ROM will not load. Says "ROM is in permanent loop", then exits. There is no permanent loop, the ASM I modded it to is right (and it...
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    PD ROM Image Editor/GE Full Mapper

    Well, I released 'em. Prob be the last non-Banjo thing out of RWP, since it doesn't appear anyone is actually using them ever. Modify images in PD permanently in a new ROM, or modify almost every image in GE's level (using PJ64 save state or console and win 98 plus the parallel port stuff)...
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    Goldeneye Compression CRACKED!

    We've cracked one form of Goldeneye's compression. It's taken us months and an extraordinary amount of frustration, but at long last...we've done it! Update 1.1 of our ROM Editor. This can replace 1,743 images, nearly every image from the game with any properly sized user image you...
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    Any way to load PD lo-res in Nemu?

    It loads, but when you go into any level it is complete darkness. Is there some way to load it normally? I would like to do some breakpointing is why I say Nemu.
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    GE face mapping, put your face into Goldeneye: PJ64 and console

    Well, I guess since nobody posted, you mights'well be informed. We've devised a way for you to put your face into Goldeneye, if you have a console or use project 64. So enjoy, I'm sure a lot of you will like it. Send us your faces you make for our "face map pack", plus if more people do it...
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    Nemu Compressed Save format?

    Just wondering if anyone knew or was willing to share the compressed format nemu uses. Prob a lot of games would actually sorta work, like Jet Force Gemini for example, if could convert a pj64 or other emulator's save state into Nemu. It may be too complicated, but just throwing it out there...