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  1. Darkfox

    Standard Nintendo DS Audio (ADPCM/PCM?)

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this... but... I'm doing this for sombody I know from another forum. Basically I have been trying to find the specs for the standard audio used in DS and a means by which to decode them to standard PCM and play them. I have heard of utilities that attempt...
  2. Darkfox

    Wonderswan/Wonderswan Color Emulator

    I know this is waaaay behind but I have noticed that WS/C emulation has slipped under the radar for a few years now ever since the mysterious disappearances of the original emulation authors, strangely around the same time (ASSASSINATED!). Has there been any efforts to breath new life on it...
  3. Darkfox

    Any release date yet for Satourne v2.0?

    I've heard alot about it and have been awaiting word of a release, Zophar is totally backed up with stuff... hmmm... and there has been no updates and as a bonus I can't read French XD... but it does seem very good, just I can't seem to get FEDA Remake to work on it since 68000 comes on or turns...
  4. Darkfox

    WonderSwan, quited?

    It seems that emulation for the WonderSwan system died like a year or two back and never picked up since, any info on what happened?