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  1. Eddy

    Zilmar Spec 2.0?

    Why not? I mean, from the sound of the boards, it seems everyone is modifying it, so why not just make a official 2.0 version with all the specs up to how authors see it best fit. Azi is modifying his, uhle2 is modifying the gfx (x-engine) and controllers can be somewhat hooked up i guess. Just...
  2. Eddy

    0.8.4 Feedback

    Ok here they are: -----==========1964.exe==========----- - I cant find the status bar :-P where is it? - After extensive testing with daedalus unoff. release 2, i tried to load up a game and this is what i got (pic is displayed). The emulator is working, and so is the plugin and all, but...
  3. Eddy

    AMD Vs Intel

    I, personally like AMD more than intel. its my preferred chip manufacture/developing company for x86 processors. But their new naming scheme is really gay, i hate it. Lets be realistic, a AMD XP 2200+ does not compete with a 2.54ghz. AMD is falling behind in clock speeds, and i see that as a...
  4. Eddy

    Nets VS Lakers

    fuck, 3-0, lakers are up, no hope. Tonights game was good though, 106-103 lakers won
  5. Eddy

    1964 0.8.3 User Feedback

    Well, when loading a large number of roms in a directory the emulator crashes. Otherwise, everything functions great. in runnig 1024x768x16 full screen with sound and everything, 60fps :-D the timing has really improved in my opinion, games seem to skip less and things of that matter Tabby...
  6. Eddy

    Status Update?

    Rice and Schibo, can you give a small status update ? recently 1964 has been real quiet, and i wouldnt mind knowing whats going on if its ok with you guys :blush: 1964 is one of the last remainin 64 emulators progressing.
  7. Eddy

    Lots Of Emu Updates

    wow, recently boobcast/icarus has made some great progress (dc) and now, a ps2 emulator :-) unknown name, but some screenshots where released, very very very nice. Next gen emulation in a few more years. wow.
  8. Eddy

    Schibo And Rice, why do these games not work?

    Gamebooster 64, Gameshark 3.3 or 2.0, or 1.0 for that matter. You guys know why ? not that it matters just wanted to know if its compatible or not to write it down in my ini, or if its a core issue. No matter what combination i use, it does not work.It has a tlb exeption, with/out tlb enabled...
  9. Eddy

    How do i enable DHCP on Linux?

    Help would be welcomed :-D
  10. Eddy

    Question to coders that just came to my mind

    Any thoughts about implementing the RSP plugin used from pj and implement the specs in 1964, or maybe continue it evem. Also, are there any plans to further develope the 1964 video ogl plugin? BTW if i havent mentioned it before, the 32bit core fails on all goldeneye games, and paper mario. Also...
  11. Eddy

    Feedback Forum (Suggestions Continued)

    Well rice, i only saw 1 change, and the divisions stayed the same once they where modified. And window position, which was cool too :-) But the rest had no change. Maybe you missed them but here they are again, more organized, and the final list for them. Suggestions -CTY Renamed to...
  12. Eddy

    A Small bug

    Bug: :blush: In case you dont see it, its the double scrollbar.
  13. Eddy

    Suggestions Thread

    Just wanna see people's suggestions and all, i have some, and they are all pretty simple. GUI: 1. Scrollbar remains in position you last put it in, when you load a rom, and go back out, the rom browser scrollbar stays up on top. 2. CTY and SIZE be renamed : Country, and Size :-) I know its...
  14. Eddy

    A Suggestion

    Hey Rice and Schibo, a nice language file like pj's lng would be nice, but for 1964.
  15. Eddy

    WOW Final Fantasy 7 and 8

    Are both incredible, i heard both OST's, and i almost cried of nostalgia :-( i want to beat it again! btw epsxe ff7 looks 100000 better than pc ff7
  16. Eddy

    Any Audio Progress Updates

    Hey Azi, whats poppin with your audio plugin? havent heard of it in a while.
  17. Eddy

    IRC Channel?

    Wouldnt a nice irc channel on newnet be nice for 1964 ? i wouldnt mind starting it or something, for the ini and cheat database, open source additions, ect.
  18. Eddy

    How do i save

    How do i save in 1964? i tried saving a game in ocarina of time, then when i went back to play with it, IT WASNT THERE!