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  1. spunky

    here a cheater for nulldc

    for more infos see here: same system as chankastcheater. tested on winxpsp2 only with "Karous [T47803M] [V1.003]", works. is a german version, have no time for a engl. version. if you need a engl. version, then use chankastcheater and rename...
  2. spunky

    here a cheater for demul

    for more infos see here: same system as chankastcheater. tested on winxpsp2 with "Dead Or Alive 2 [T3601M] [V1.002]" and "Project Justice [T7022D 50] [V1.001]", works. hope it works everywhere. good luck. :santa: have forgot... great emu, thx to...
  3. spunky

    please test my new old giricheater

    you need the "original" gsaturn (girigiri saturn), not the second stupid hacked exe (cassini shit). works only under winxp, some bugs included. english/german-version, you can add your own language. post or send me your language (edit giricheater.ini), then i can add for all.
  4. spunky

    can someone test "super magnetic neo" again?

    i have it tested for long time with v0.1 and it worked great, but now it works not with v0.1 or v0.25. can someone test again and tell me the config (chankast-version, aspi, virtual cd, backup cd etc.). here a old snapshot:
  5. spunky

    bin2boot with audiotracks works not correctly

    i made a selfboot image with neocd-emu v9.3 and cyberlip on the same cd. i have made a bin/cue-image with: track1 is the original neocd-data-track incl. emu-files (1st_read.bin and neocd.bin) track 2-29 is the original neocd-audio-tracks. after bin2boot: i can not play the audio-tracks, all...
  6. spunky

    can someone test my ChankastCheater?

    edit (have found a bug, please download all again): ok, have made a new engl. version (you do not need the german version): ChankastCheater+.exe is with search-engine ChankastCheater-.exe is without search-engine with shortguide, written in "hopeyoucanreadmycrazy"-english: shortguide for...
  7. spunky

    can not play bin2boot-images

    can someone play a bin2boot-image (daemontools) with chankast. i get an io-error indicated (i think, from cd-plugin). i have tested with D2-disc1 and with Silver, all bigger as 700MB, but it works not with bin2boot... have someone an idee for this problem?