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    mupen never starts running a rom - or maybe it does

    I just installed Slackware 9.0 today ( this isn't the good part yet ) on my fixed 20gb drive (YAY!) . I got it all configured right i think ( i have the tdfx Voodoo 5 drivers on, and i have a good moniter setting ), but mupen64 never runs a rom. I'm trying out Super Mario 64, if it matters...
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    screenshot problem

    Ok, using the defualt F12 screen capture key in 1964, my screenshots come out like this ( you can just guess what's Wrong With The Picture! :p )
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    No OpenGL w/ any OpenGL plugin

    :( I cannot get Rice's Daedulus or glNintendo64() to work with ANY game! It just freezes . Am i overlooking something, or is something wrong? I just want to try out OpenGL and see if it is any better then DirectX.
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    LoZ:MM problems

    I switched to 1964 from PJ64. PJ64 was slow! 1964 is faaast! But i have a problem... After starting MM, when you get to control Link, i cannot go into the next room (it freezes). Can someone help? 1024x768@16bit with a average of 45fps(@ every res, it's 45fps) Jabo's DirectInput 1.5, Jabo's...