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  1. Nin_10_Dough

    This is........different

    Check the pic. Does anyone else find that odd? This is on another old computer given to me. Surely it didn't come from the factory like that. It has a set of rocker switches, but no matter how I set it, In cmos setup it is usually detected at 125mhz. It is a 233mhz. I was going to reflash the...
  2. Nin_10_Dough

    Sound problems

    A friend gave me his old 200mhz pentium. I have been trying to get some emus running on it but almost all of them have problems with sound. Lots of crackling, some even have a weird echo effect. I have updated the sound drivers and am current with directx. I have tried lowering hardware...
  3. Nin_10_Dough

    Multiple Mario Models?

    I hadn't played through the game in a while, and I noticed this: Look closely at Mario. That is the best picture I could get, when I try to get closer the other model is loaded it seems. Pic 1: Higher poly count , Pic 2: lower poly count. Do allot of games do this? Sorry if this has already...
  4. Nin_10_Dough

    SSB "sudden death" cheat

    I made these earlier today, these are my first attempts at cheat making. I wonder if someone already made these? these work in VS mode on Sector Z. P1 999% in one hit: 8126B514 029A P2 999% in one hit: 8126C064 029A they only seem to work for me in PJ64 1.5. I was really hoping they would...