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    Strange dilemma - GB emulation related

    So some years ago I was playing Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening on my DS Lite. I was using an R4 slot1 with a Super Card Lite slot2. I put in a number of hours on that game but then life caught up with me as well as getting a bit stuck in game I guess. Anyway I set it all aside and the DS...
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    Sound/Video recording help needed (non emulation or game related really)

    And maybe this is the wrong forum completely for this but I thought we have a lot of smart folks here maybe someone know or can help me figure this out. So I'm wanting to use my iPhone4S to record video being displayed by my iPad2. The idea here is actually to aim the 4S camera at the iPad and...
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    iCade - 8-bitty, i've got two of these heading my way should be here tomorrow

    Can't wait to enjoy some good old arcade gaming again on my iPhone4S and iPad2 with these. I do tend to enjoy screen mirroring to my ATV2 for fun on the 47' TV (only wish I could rotate it full page, lol). Having some real controllers should makes it even more fun for several games. I had been...
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    Need your help

    My neighbor was hit pretty hard in December by a tornado here in MO. USA, and insurance is covering the home just great but it does not cover the yard areas which were destroyed too. They are trying to win a contest that would come and redo the yard for them. All you have to do is go to this...
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    DVD to M4V (or other format) help please

    Anyone here well versed in video conversion, specifically encoding DVD into M4V format? I am using Handbrake under OSX currently. I am serving M4V type files encoded 720p from a WMP12 DLNA server in Win7. I have an LG 46LD550 LCD TV. When I go to 'My Media' to watch the movies from my DLNA...
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    modified scripts for ZIP'd files on MAC

    So I like to keep my roms zipped for space saving. I keep mine with one file per ZIP file just to make sure that's known and why this works how I have it. I guess if you keep info files or others in the same archive you could parse the 'unzip -Z1' output through sed some way to grab the proper...
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    ProFORMA - new 3D modeling using webcams

    Just plain cool.
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    Pandora: I am possibly here to "eat crow"

    Yesterday I made this comment I'm waiting myself to see how Pandora pans out, I almost bought one originally and am still interested but I've also decided to wait to see what really happens. Anyway I get this in my e-mail just last night from the Pandora team with a major update about it being...
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    XFX warranty woes

    So my 8600GT apparently had the fan go bad. Without knowing this of course as my system has no windows eventually some caps blew on the card and that was that. I look up the card at where I bought it and it states a manufacturer limited lifetime warranty on hardware and labor. WOW...
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    Upgrade XP x32 to x64 without full format/resintall?

    I couldn't find a definitive answer, but did note Vista users can upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit without a full reinstall according to a couple sites. So before I begin, Can XP Pro upgrade from x32 to x64? I know this may not be best path as cleaner is better I'm sure, but I'm looking for the...
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    New computer (sorry boasting a little here)

    Dell Optiplex 745 Mini-Tower Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz 1066FSB 3 GIG PC6400 800Mhz Nvidia GeForce 8600GT 512meg Soyo 24in LCD 6ms 1900x1200 2 - 320gig SATA (soon to be RAID1 when controller arrives) 1 - 500gig SATA 1 - 500gig USB 2.0 external 16x LG Dual Layer DVD +RW I know many people...
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    Registry help

    On my Asus EEE PC I have a key in the registry that I want to change the default value for. The problem is that I can change this key and the setting works great, but after rebooting it gets switched back to the default value. I presume the driver that this key hive is meant for most likely has...
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    Asus EEE PC running PCSX2

    I don't know, I just thought it was cool to see it.
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    Asus EEE PC, anyone else emulating or playing on one?

    I love mine. Like having an ultra portable all around console system. Plays N64, Amiga, PSX, SNES, NES, Genesis, SMS, GB, GBA, C64, etc... etc.... in a grand fashion. So tiny and small it's easy to take literally anywhere. Anyway just wondering if there are any other EEE addicts here?
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    Seagate warns of virus on certain Maxtor HD

    Maxtor Basics Personal Storage 3200 hard drives
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    Free full version games from UBIsoft

    Just have to sign up for a UBI forum account and put up with in game ads Farcry Prince of Persia Sands of Time Rayman Raving Rabbids Not that bad really, my kids have been playing Rayman quite a bit this morning. The ads are tolerable.
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    Taking SAV file from PSP Gameboy emulator to another platform?

    I posted this in another forum, but have yet to hear anything there so I thought I'd ask here as well and see if someone may know. Two issues related to this. I switched a while back from PSP to a NDS system. Before the switch I backed up my saves and such form various emulators of games I...
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    MAME oX 84b for XBox question

    Anyone know... Will I need to use CLRMame and the regular MAME 084b version to create my romset for the XBox version? I can't seem to find a DAT anywhere for this so I was hoping to do it like this. Also if I do need the MAME 084b version, where can I get it? appears to stop in...
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    Extract video from a GBA ROM?

    I've seen programs to take AVI2GBA, but is there something that can reverse the process or extract the videos back to a playable format (AVI, MPEG, etc...)?
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    PS3 VS. Wii Hope this one hasn't been posted already. Pretty funny.