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    uh.. help? memory dump?

    okay i open project 64 with no problem and open roms with no problem... accept. conker's bad fur day. i open it. then.. the screen goes blue and it says something about a "phyisical memory dump" (not enough time to read it) then my computer restart's itself. i tryed again.. closed almost every...
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    Mad pitchfork in Conker's bad fur day

    i cannot get the last haystack! (the smallest 1) for hours i get the pitchfork poke it but th haystack just jumps over it. EVERYTIME i checked with Good64 and it is not a bad rom help pleasee!!!
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    Zelda Majoria's mask problem (snowhead temple)

    I can't get past this! please help you know in the snow head temple where u go into a room with 2 dinafos? when you kill both of them u get to fairres (#14 and #15) then when you proceed to the next room you are on a pillar with a gap in between and a door on the other side? the ramp is too...
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    Missing Audio Plugin

    I've tryed reinstalling the plugins but it won't work it says missing audio plugins missing or invalid waht should i do?
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    clueless with rayman 2 problem

    in rayman to when i've just finished the level "echoing cave" and it shows my score and at the bottom it says press A to continue so i press A then the sound gets really fast and its just a blank screen and nothing ever comes what should i do?
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    I can't tiptoe!!

    in some games you have to get past sleeping things and you need to tip tioe but how do u tip toe when ur playing on a rom? like in banjo toonie with the snake and uga's cave as soo as a some the twigs they wake up i try to do it as slowly as possible but i just can do it help.
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    god!! as soon as the game gets good!!!

    at fist is was Rayman 2 as soo as i go to the door to the 1st boss it crashes and says Executing from non mapped space blahhh then i download yoshi story and i start it it says Emulation started and FPS just keeps on changing numbers but theres just a blank screeen then i get banjo Toonie and...