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  1. WhiteX

    NDS - Okamiden

    Quick review - Okamiden Another sequel we´re doing today, Okamiden comes hot on the trail of critically acclaimed Okami, where you fight as the wolf incarnation of the Sun Godess Amaterasu while painting your powers into the world using the celestial brush. Okamiden features the second...
  2. WhiteX

    Wii - deBlob 2

    Quick review - deBlob 2 [Wii] Sequel to one of the best new IP´s to grace the Wii, deBlob returns with charm and color to fight the forces of monocromatic evil, in this game you use your body to absorb color and paint the world returning music and joy to both the city and it´s citizens, now...
  3. WhiteX

    Monster Hunter Tri - let´s organize a get together

    Hi, I have been playing an awful lot of MHTri in the last year and i want to know if you guys are interested in a get together to hunt, it can be one time only or a regular appointment, let me know. THX
  4. WhiteX

    Wii: The Conduit

    The Conduit Description The Conduit is perhaps the most hyped Wii game from a 3rd party developer, it came with the promise of PS360-like graphics, eletric fast Gameplay, outstanding controls and seamless online matchmaking, all under the FPS trade. The game started its hype while still...
  5. WhiteX

    Bionic Commando for the Wii!!!

    There´s a petition online about it, a Capcom rep said that if we want it they will build it, so please sign...
  6. WhiteX

    Calling out all artists that like Zelda

    Ok, my little girl will turn one on august and we decided to make the party about princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda series, my wife was particularly fond of Minish cap´s Zelda, so we´d like a back panel for the cake area, with her and some fairies on a very fantasy like setting, like...
  7. WhiteX

    There´s no meore random browsing than this.

    It´s crazy because it is for real, behold... The Scripture Squad
  8. WhiteX

    Question to any Wii owner.

    OK, i´m seeling my PC to get me some Wii loving, so, i´m getting a Wii + Zelda bundle on my local EBay, but, there´s no mem card with it and i remember smth like the Wii using SD cards, so, how do Wii save?
  9. WhiteX

    Games people buy.

    A compilation of the best selling 100 games on the US, most you expect, some are freaky and Mr Madden has nothing to worry about.
  10. WhiteX

    NDS: Hotel Dusk - Room 215

    Hotel Dusk - Room 215 HD215 is an adventure game with a strong "film noir" story with a very mature tone, made by the same studio that gave us "Trace memory", it is one of the best DS sleeper hits to date. Presentation/graphics 8 The art style of the game´s presentation is to be noted, the...
  11. WhiteX

    NDS: Elite Beat Agents

    Elite Beat Agents EBA is a rhythm based game set to "americanize"he DS japanese cult hit, Ouendan, it comes with very familiar songs, very fast and addictive gameplay and a very distinctive graphical style. Presentation/graphics 8 The top screen shows the story of the game in a 2D fashion...
  12. WhiteX

    NDS: Castlevania - Portrait of Ruin

    Castlevania - Portrait of ruin CV-Por is the secong CV game to appear on the DS, as the others portable CV games post Symphony of the night, it is a "Castleroid" or "Metroidvania", where you are lost inside the castle finding powerups that allow you to acess more areas to it, but this one has a...
  13. WhiteX

    This can´t be good for the PS3

    Guess you can have a Wii and an HD movie station for the same price as a PS3.
  14. WhiteX

    Video binding

    OK, i have a video but it came to me as several pieces of the original one, what i want is to tie the smaller videos together so i can have the original big one, what to do?
  15. WhiteX

    Happy New Year!!

    I´m heading out now to spend the new year´s eve with some relatives and i thought it was a good opportunity to wish you guys a happy 2007, filled with good gaming, life achievements, love, friendship and booze, all the things that make this world a good place to stay. Happy New Year, mates!!! :D
  16. WhiteX

    So it is Mario Kart, let´s be friends?

    This is the post to give out our friend codes, mine is 120-344-956-877 you guys can give it out now or just before we start, for working reasons i´ll most likely not play this night, but add me anyway since i can return from work sooner than i expect. I will use this one to have another poll...
  17. WhiteX

    Game Night: episode one, the WiFi Menace.

    We will choose the game here, and post the friend codes from one hour to the game night hour, which is next Thursday and 9PM GMT. No glitching, exploiting and cheating will be allowed, we´re here to play and have fun, not to brag about winning, whoever is caught cheating will be ignored in the...
  18. WhiteX

    Do you have an WiFi enabled DS?

    It is as the title says, i´d like to know how many of us have WiFi enabled DS´s for a game night project of mine, so got WiFi?
  19. WhiteX

    Luigi goes GTA!

    Crazy shit!
  20. WhiteX

    NDS: Final Fantasy 3

    Final Fantasy 3 Final Fantasy 3 is the only FF game never released in english, it was first a NES game, now revamped with 3d graphics and an expanded storyline with some gameplay changes to challenge you on the Nintendo DS. Presentation/graphics 9 Expect the same quality of Mario Hoops, since...