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  1. Gonetz

    GLideN64 Public Release 2.0 :cheers:
  2. Gonetz

    GLideN64 blog

    Hello, I'll post details about my new project here: GLideN64 blog The blog is just started. New chapters will be added later. Demo video:
  3. Gonetz

    Mario Tennis HD video.

    Not perfect, but close.
  4. Gonetz

    A word for HLE

    Hello everybody, Let me introduce you a new topic to discuss. Well, may be this topic is not very new. I did not follow emulation progress for two years. May be everything I wrote was already discussed and long forgotten. If so, sorry for taking your time. Anyway, the topic is here: A word for...
  5. Gonetz

    Glide64 "Easy backgrounds"
  6. Gonetz

    NRage V2.1 rumble fix

    I'm using GameCube controller attached via an USB adapter with N64 emulators. It's very convenient controller for N64 games btw. Until now I used Nrage v.1.82. It works ok, but rumble does not work at all. I tried latest 2.1, but with no luck: rumble does not work too, and besides C buttons...
  7. Gonetz

    Mupen64Plus v1.5 vs Ubuntu 9.10

    I can't run any roms with Mupen64Plus v1.5 on Ubuntu 9.10 32bit. NVIDIA Driver Version: 185.18.36 The log below. I tried precompiled binaries, build from sources, build from sources in the trunk - crashes. Is it problem with my particular configuration, or Mupen64Plus really has problem with...
  8. Gonetz

    Glide64 vs GCC. Need help

    I'm trying to build new version of Glide64 with GCC. Tools: NASM MinGW Dev-C++ Problem: Resulted dll does not work. Symptoms: When project type is 'Win32 DLL', emulators just don't see the plugin. When I set project type as 'Win32 Console', set Linker parameters '-shared' and rename result...
  9. Gonetz

    GlideHQ update and GlideHQ Hires Texture Checker
  10. Gonetz

    Perfectly working Paper Mario textures. An explanation for texture designers.

    This information is for texture designers, who work on Paper Mario retexturing. As you know, textures for most, if not all personages in this game have 4bit CI format. Color indexed textures have two main features: they are smaller in size than RGBA textures, and the same texture will look...
  11. Gonetz

    GlideHQ - texture enhancements module for Glide64

    First public version of new Glide64-related project is released. Check this thread for download and feedback: You may also post your feedback here, if you don't registered on emuxhaven.
  12. Gonetz

    Glide64. New Perfect Dark screens

    Perfect Dark with coronas emulated. Powered by Voodoo2 :)
  13. Gonetz

    Hacktarux wrapper with hardware frame buffer emulation. Files and feedback

    Read this: If you want to add feedback, but can't do it on emuxhaven, leave it here.
  14. Gonetz

    N64. LookAt

    LookAt commands are used for highlights. As I see, LookAtX and LookAtY just set standard light structures. That is structures, which specify colors and directions. Directions are used for texture coordinate transformations. However, I see no use for colors, since these lights are not used for...
  15. Gonetz

    Paper Mario 2D lighting.

    Few more screens with 2D lighting, recently discovered by Orkin.
  16. Gonetz

    Zelda MM point lighting

    I want to talk about “point lighting” implemented in RiceVideo 6.1.0. Yes, with this feature ZeldaMM looks much more correct. But is it 100% correct? Since I don’t have N64 console, I can’t answer this question. However, I can analyze Rice’s plugin work. As I see, point lighting means that under...
  17. Gonetz

    Resident Evil 2. N64

    Glide64 WIP screen shot
  18. Gonetz

    I need CBFD sshots from real N64

    I'm trying to find, how dynamic lighting in CBFD works. It's hard to estimate how close I am without pictures from real system. Could somebody make or find me screen shots from this game, where lighting effects are clearly visible? I especially need sshots from this place, rockmen dancing. Short...
  19. Gonetz

    Glide64 ME

    Few shots from the new version. Voodoo5, 4xFSAA
  20. Gonetz

    Problem. Can't run PJ64 with any D3D video plugin

    When I'm trying to choose PJ video plugin, emulator says "Direct3D failed to initialize your HAL device". When I select Rice's plugin, it selected, but when I start a game plugin says that it can't initialize D3D. OpenGL plugins initialized, but does not work. Glide64 can't work with eVoodoo. At...