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  1. Rice

    I wish ... someone to implement ... Cel-shading

    The cel-shade texture packages for Zelda OOT and Mario 64 are looking great. The current rendering engine of the video plugin does not support cel-shading, thus the triangles are still rendered with gouraud shading, with cel-shade type of textures. I looked at this topic before. I thought it...
  2. Rice

    RiceVideo 6.1.1 beta 10 source code

    Hi, everyone I have not touched my RiceVideo project for quite a few months. I really do not have time to actively do anything about it. I understand that it has many major/minor problems with different games, but I don't feel to have the motivation to fix them. So, I would like to release the...
  3. Rice

    Using hq4x filter to process textures

    I said before that hq4x filter could be very handy to enhance some type of textures. Someone may ask: why bother? why can I just enable the hq4x filter in the plugin instead of using it manually to make hires textures? The reason is that such magnify filter only work well for certain type of...
  4. Rice

    Texture dump for F-zero - this must be the easiest game to retexture

    This could be easiest game to work with. - Small total number of textures - Most textures are RGB - Half of the textures are just text, letters or numbers - All CI textures are very easy to work with - All player textures are borrowed from old 2D games, they should be easy to enhance with stand...
  5. Rice

    Banjo Kazooie Texture dump

    I have run through the demo of many stages, the intro and a little bit walking around. I have also done some sort of organization of the dumpped texture.
  6. Rice

    open discussion regarding texture size !

    When making a high resolution texture from the original texture, most people increase the texture by 4x4, making a 32x32 to 128x128, a 64x64 to 256x256 and so on. Memory requirement is increased dramatically by increasing the texture size, and the texture package file size gets easily to a few...
  7. Rice

    Dump textures from (not N64 emulated) games?

    I came across the GLIntercept tool at I wonder if there is a similar tool for DirectX. When playing a new 3D game on PC, someone could use such tools to intercept/save/(steal)/dump textures used by the game, and such textures from these new games could be used...
  8. Rice

    Beta version 6.1.1 beta10

    This plugin is now rather out of date, and lacks the compatibility of newer versions of Rice Video, please visit for a more updated version of the plugin. This topic will be left here for archiving purposes This plugin is now rather out of date, and lacks the...
  9. Rice

    Discussions about important information, tutorials, threads and textures packages

    See the following posts for important links.
  10. Rice

    Rice Video 6.1.0c - HiRez Texture Loader

    Rice Video 6.1.0 By Rice1964 What's new: 1. External high resolution texture loading. Read HiRezTexture.txt for further information 2. Texture group dumpping 3. Zelda MM point lighting 4. Software vertex clipper problem fix by not using inline for a few important functions. Microsoft C++...
  11. Rice

    Rice Video 6.0.0, happy new year 2005

    What's new: - Software vertex clipper problem fixes. - OpenGL fragment program extension (Pixel shader in OpenGL) - An optional Z coordinate hack for the near plane clipping problems in some games without using near plane vertex clipping OpenGL finally gets to similar degree as DirectX. It is...
  12. Rice

    Rice Video 5.9.9 release as it, merry christmas and happy new year to emutalk members

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. This is not intend to be a formal and regular release. I have got some spare time recently and worked on the project again for sometime. I have done something good and would like to share it with our N64 emulation lovers. I cannot remember what I...
  13. Rice

    Rice Video 5.6.0

    I am very glad to see N64 emulator graphics are getting better and better as the great progress with Direct64 and Glide64. Congratulation to both Okrin and Gonetz. But programming for emulation seems to conflict very much with my regular life, I'd better to take a break from it. This maybe the...
  14. Rice

    Rice Video 5.5.1 WIP

    Version 5.5.1 WIP is released to response the requests about Ogre Battle background problem fix. In order to get it work, you need to use a correct emulator + RSP plugin. Please refer to glide64 FAQ for further question about this. Again, thanks Gonetz for the JPEG and YUV information. Rice...
  15. Rice

    Nintendo is using N64 emulator on GC for Zelda MasterQuest?

    It seems Nintendo is using an N64 emulator for GC to run its Zelda N64 games on GC. I have obtained an GC iso image of Master Quest. By using GC iso tool, I was able to extract all files from the ISO image. Something surprised me. I have seen: - The WINRAR compressed ISO image is only 45MB...
  16. Rice

    Rice Video Plugin 5.4.3b

    What's new in 5.4.3: - Change project name from RiceDaedalus to RiceVideo - Two new options: Disable Alpha Blender Force Depth Buffer - Using new registry - Turn on Software T&L and Software Clipper as default - Problems fixed: * Zelda: missing polygons, also for similar problems in...
  17. Rice

    Rice Daedalus 5.4.2, updated from 5.4.0 and 5.4.1

    Rice Daedalus 5.4.2 What's new in 5.4.2 over 5.4.1: ------------------------------- Bug fixes: - Most reported bugs are fixed. - Software vertex clipper is almost perfect now. - Texture coordinate generation (TextGen) bug fix. Many games have correct texture now, including PD intro, DK...
  18. Rice

    3D vertex Clipping in homogenous coordinates?

    I cannot get the clipping working right. I need to draw a line (1 edge of a triangle) between two vertexes in X,Y,Z,RHW format, need to clip the vertexes to the near plane (z=0, w=0?) My algorithm is: //Assuming v1.z>0 and v2.z<0 //v will be the new vertex coordinates for v2 float...
  19. Rice

    Video card poll

    What kind of video card are you using? Does it support new features in DirectX8 and DirectX9?
  20. Rice

    RiceDaedalus 5.3.1 and (reloaded) source code

    RiceDaedalus 5.3.1 and source code (reloaded) There won't be another release in the near further. Version 5.3.1 will be the last one in this period of time. Changes in 5.3.1 over 5.3.0: - Reported GUI problem fix - Improved OGL 1.2/1.3 combiner. (Still not good enough yet) - Bettle Adv...