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  1. legend of zelda

    Look! Over Here!

    I just made an avatar for myself and i was thinking i need a cool picture to put in my sig, and i stumbled upon this Shit, i thought that was hilarious. If that's true, then doomulation must have a penis the size of a pringles can, or maybe bigger. I definitely don't feel very manly right now...
  2. legend of zelda

    Hi-res pack for Master Quest (E) [h1c] and (f1) roms

    Well, as some of you may know, Master Quest (E) [h1c] and (f1) roms do not work with federelli's zelda hi-res texture pack because their internal name is ZELDA MASTER QUEST while all the others are THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. I have edited the names of every file in the pack to make it compatable with...
  3. legend of zelda

    Video Card Suggestions

    Well,as you all know, it's Christmas:santa:, so i'm going to buy a new video card because i'm sick of this piece of crap i have right now. But, i'm not too sure in what to get. I want one that can support all the graphic effects and run games fast, because what i have now can't. I think to...