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  1. DuDe

    Awesome BF2 fanfilm Purely amazing, some insane coordination from the players.
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    [21:47:34] <Aprentice> a chick wants to take me to a comedy club, yikes, ive never been to one before [21:59:18] <lrdcheeze> is she hot? [22:03:03] <Aprentice> lrdcheeze: hell yeah, shes hotter than both my ex's combined [22:03:22] <lrdcheeze> so...she has 4 breasts!! [22:03:36] <DuDe|ZzZ> Or...
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    Hugest toy collection in the history of EVER I shit you not, I have never seen that many toys packed into a single room. This guy has a collection that can rival some museums.
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    I have never experienced a worse mental image than this one :yucky:
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    GunzOnline - shoot and slice the fuck out of people, FOR FREE Heard about this little game on another forum. Apparently, it's an online action game that combines firearms and cold weapons with Matrix style tricks such as bullet dodging and wall jumping. I haven't had the chance to play it yet since the download servers are sort...
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    Owned by the tatoo parlour

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    Holy shit, the spiders are attacking!

    Witness this venomous arachnid that I have captured in my flat a few minutes ago : Anyone knows what kind of a spider is this?
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    Back to basics

    [21:24:33] <TrotterW> *Ceratin website that must be edited out*> that what you need Dude? [21:25:26] <|DuDe|> Oh fuck yeah [21:25:40] <|DuDe|> I love you TW [21:25:47] <|DuDe|> I want to have your manbabies [21:26:09] <TrotterW> ;) Your gratitude is enough [21:26:32] <|DuDe|> No, serriously...
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    Rape porn is dimmed legal by American Federal Judge

    Rape porn is deemed legal by American Federal Judge Anyone else thinks that it's a bit too much? I'd write my entire opinion on the matter, but as I'm not home at the moment, I can only say that sometimes the right to have a freedom of speech is...
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    Oh, crap (literally)

    [21:39:36] <|DuDe|> Fuck this, even the installer is Men of Valor is fucking buggy [21:39:57] <TrotterW> Give it a higher rating than MOH for a laugh ;) [21:40:11] <|DuDe|> I was thinking about it, but I'd be lying to myself [21:40:16] <TrotterW> lol [21:40:22] <|DuDe|> This game is the biggest...
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    Oh crap

    [22:48:40] <|DuDe|> => Jesus fuck [22:50:22] <lrdcheese> omfg [22:51:43] <lrdcheese> why would you ever want to do something like that? [22:51:51] <|DuDe|> I can't believe I read his description [22:52:01] <|DuDe|> I won't have a hard...
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    The wonders of water pressure [Kickass video inside]
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    New Batman Begins trailer leaked I almost wet myself while watching it. This movie is going to fucking rock.
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    Windows Media Player plugin is crashing my Internet browsers

    The title is kind of self explaining, but anyway : whenever I try and load a WMV/ASX stream with the WMP plugin, my browsers crash, be it Firefox or IE. In fact, WMP crashes as well. I use the latest WMP.
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    Valve bans 20,000 users from Steam Valve : 20,000 - Douchebags : 0 :thumbsup:
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    Holy shit, a 2.5gigs digital image

    Check this out, you can actually zoom in and read the car's license plates :
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    Buying a new soundcard - need help

    Right, I've bought a home cinema system and placed it in my room, and the next step would obviously be connecting it to my computer. The receiver has two Digital Input jacks, and I was thinking about buying a Creative SB Live! card and using a SPDIF cable to connect it to the receiver, but it...
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    Post your cellphone!

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    Best research ever I'm speechless.
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    Canadian war with Denmark narrowly averted

    <a href="">ROFL</a> :D