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  1. AlphaWolf

    Best video card for the money?

    I just got a new motherboard and am building my next computer. I have been out of the loop for a while so far as video cards are concerned. What is currently the best video card for the money right now? I really don't want to spend anything over $200 (exceeding that price range is just insane...
  2. AlphaWolf

    My new signature

    Since everybody loves my classic thought provoking signatures I've decided to create a new one for you all to enjoy for a while :D Yeah, I know its very old, but its still funny. :D
  3. AlphaWolf

    Malcom is improving!

    <AlphaWolf> why would your typing speed increase in the last hour? <Aprentice> hes using both hands now <Malcolm|> exactly <AlphaWolf> ah, less porn now? :P
  4. AlphaWolf

    Microsofts latest security fix to IE...

    ...Is merely advice to only type URLs instead of just clicking on them. Martin: its time to remove all hyperlinks from ET :happy:
  5. AlphaWolf

    I felt bills wrath....

    I uninstalled outlook express via xplite, (no point in having it there if I don't use it) configured thunderbird as my default email client, then clicked on an email link in mozilla. UI controls froze for 30 seconds, then suddenly I see a messagebox saying it couldn't do something or other...
  6. AlphaWolf

    Assholes on IRC are fun :D

    [02:27:25] -> *genosyde* bah, channel was dead without that conversation anyways [02:27:40] <genosyde> and i need you to tell me this? [02:27:45] <genosyde> don't pm me again [02:27:45] <AlphaWolf> yes [02:27:52] <AlphaWolf> because you can suckstart a weedeater [02:28:02] <genosyde> oh so you...
  7. AlphaWolf

    Cheap yet high capacity portable audio player I found...

    I went to wal-mart, and saw a Creative Jukebox 2LX, 20 Gig, for $158.32. Sounds like a damn good deal. Looked for some reviews on it before I bought it, and couldn't find any. Has anybody dealt with creative portable audio players before? How do they compare with others? Do they generally...
  8. AlphaWolf

    Attachments are b0rk3d

    Martin, when I go to the manage attachments window, type in the file name, then click "add this file," it takes the time to upload it, but then the file doesn't show up in the list, and it doesn't get added to the post.
  9. AlphaWolf

    The Liberal Nazi party scores again! Lets give them a hand! Now we can show those conservative bastards that intolerance will not be tolerated! We are now that much closer to having that utopian world devoid of all emotion! Horray! World peas!
  10. AlphaWolf

    The EU tightens its grip.

    Seems the UK just adopted the EUCD, which is basically the EU's version of the DMCA. I wouldn't worry though, four score and six years later, the DMCA has had no impact on anything I do thus far. And trust me when I say I do a lot of things that...
  11. AlphaWolf

    The subject we love to hate: Math...

    A question I have for the (future?) IT professionals here: what math level is generally required for any decent paying job in the IT field? EDIT: or better yet, how far would "differential equations" take you?
  12. AlphaWolf

    IE vs Mozilla Debate (from GTA3 + VC on XBox)

    Well, when an entity has an entire market locked down, innovation tends to halt and inflation increases. Before the US broke up AT&T, it used to cost a dollar per minute for long distance calls, and that was in the 60's when a dollar was worth a lot more even. Now its not uncommon to have 5 cent...
  13. AlphaWolf

    Poor Gray...

    I don't suppose he'll ever watch the movie "Total Recall" again... :happy: Whats even more sad is california is the more corporate/democrat types by far...Gray must have realy pissed them off.
  14. AlphaWolf

    Arcade ROMs for Download, Legally

    Tell Me Where 2 Git Teh Roms!!!! This time its legal...But I wonder how long this will last?
  15. AlphaWolf

    Gamecube not worthy, says microsoft.
  16. AlphaWolf

    I am out of gas.

    I just got back from a vacation, and at my first stop to a gas station, all of the pumps were off. Second gas station was the same thing. When I got home, I found this. That, on top of the power outage in the east, things seem to have gone to hell while I was gone. :happy:
  17. AlphaWolf

    Pentium pro+ optimized Mozilla Firebird

    I haven't seen if its that much faster yet, but here it is.
  18. AlphaWolf

    Hover vs always underline

    I think it may be a bit less confusing as well as easier on the posters if links would be automaticaly underlined instead of being hover only. This text is a link.
  19. AlphaWolf

    Bringing the babe thread to IRC

    EDIT: Compressed it a bit, some text looks unreadable in this image, but its fine without the compression.
  20. AlphaWolf

    Martin, post width is borked again.

    Borked. Scroll right to see my cool racing stripes!