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  1. hap

    Space Invaders

    If you think CHIP8 is too easy, or GameBoy/NES/MasterSystem is too hard, writing a Space Invaders emulator is not. Most work will be put into creating an Intel 8080 CPU emulator (shouldn't be too hard for the GameBoy crowd :P ), the rest is peanuts. Space Invaders, (C) Taito 1978, Midway 1979...
  2. hap

    Conway's Game of Life Quite an interesting concept, and even though it's from 1970, it still takes a lot of CPU power to simulate it.
  3. hap

    playing games in your own emulator

    When looking for bugs or testing, you play a lot of games in your emulator. But how often do you actually play a game in it for the sake of enjoyment, without focusing on the emulator development ? For me, it's hardly, I'm not much of the gamer that I used to be anyway. Though I can still get...