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  1. zorbid

    Zelda MM, PJ 64, Mac OS X and CrossOver

    Hi all I'm trying to play Zelda MM in PJ64 on OSX, by using CrossOver Games. It's almost perfect out of the box, using PJ64 1.6 with the stock plugins, except that whenever Motion blur kicks in, the screen goes black (or theffect is applied to the last non blurred frame). I've tried to mess...
  2. zorbid

    A general note about remaking textures..

    I know I'ts not really my business, since I have neither the skills nor the time to particiate to the project, but, whatever, here are my two cents: I think that, in order to be successful, this kind of project has to be artistically faithfull to the original. I don't mean that every texture...
  3. zorbid

    I'm looking for a good "VBA for Excel" tutorial.

    I'd like enhace a recorded macro in Excel. I understand the code generated by Excel, but the problem is that I have no experience at all in Visual Basic, and there are some very basic things I don't know how to do, as for example, to put the content of a cell in a variable, or how to...
  4. zorbid

    Some order in the "oteher emulation" part of the forum?

    You've been adding more and more forums there, it's quite messy by now.. What about: - Putting the plugins and general emulation discussion, network and screenshots together at one end. - Putting eVoodoo not too far from Plugins - grouping the rest according to the console it emulates...
  5. zorbid

    Rom Images It may be a classic, but I've just discovered it...
  6. zorbid


    A new version of DOSBox has been released, with tons of new stuff :) DOSBOx is an x86 emulator with DOS, VGA and Sound Blaster emulation. The perfect thing to run your old PC games on a recent computer. The core is still a pure interpreter, so it needs a rather powerfull computer to run the...
  7. zorbid

    Another GC High Level Emulator in the works...
  8. zorbid

    Feature request for 1964 1.0

    This has already been asked, and refused, but I don't understand why. 1964 saves the last set of plugins for the next time you run it. It would be nice if it associated a plugin setup to a given ROM. When you close a ROM in 1964 and open another, 1964 could associate the current plugin set...
  9. zorbid

    A CPU portable Dynarec?

    The x86 emulator QEMU team is writing a more or less CPU indenpendant Dynamic Recompiler. I thought you might find it interresting for Mupen (if this can be applied to the R4300i). The main coder is french too...
  10. zorbid

    An inacuracy in (AFAIK) all gfx plugins

    The screen border... On a real TV, the black border is "displayed" outside the TV screen <img src=""> and in Zelda, on the TV screen, the distance between the border of the screen and both big buttons (A and B) is about 1.5 times the...
  11. zorbid

    Guess who does it again... :( Sad...
  12. zorbid

    Driver compiled against another version of the kernel...

    For commercial reasons, Alcatel, who builds PCI ADSL modems based on the Itex chips ( ), refuses to provide a Linux driver. And Itex, who has the drivers, refuses to ship these, pretending that they can only give them to the boards makers, if the latters want to. They...
  13. zorbid

    a tribute to Ray Harryhausen I don't know who Ray Harryhausen is, but I don't want to spoil the surprise. Once you're finished with the first link try these out too
  14. zorbid

    [pr0n]Choose your ads better...

    I think that Martin should change the settings of the popup provider...
  15. zorbid

    This is sick.

    Those who read the Register and slashdot probably already know about it. Here is the latest M$ strategy to take over the internet and control your hard disk content. :cry: It's time to massively move to Linux ... or to Mac, for those who can afford it.
  16. zorbid

    XBOX emulation, sooner than expected?

    Have a look at this:
  17. zorbid

    Glide and GF3 ?????

    I have a strange feeling about this: The author of the page (Dracman) is in the credits page of the glidos 'dos2win glide wrapper' (that could give him some credit), but what he claims is fucking weird. He says that he has been able to run Tomb Raider1...
  18. zorbid

    Linux 'CD only' distribution

    I'm looking for the distribution of linux that can fully boot from the CD, no need to install it. Usually, I'm able to find this kind of stuff by myself, but I've been looking for it for almost an hour with no success. Thx for your help. :)
  19. zorbid

    What's your keyboard config?

    For those who don't have an adaptoid or a joystick: How do you configure your input plugin? I like this one because I have every button under my hand, no need to think... I have the thumb on the Z, and the 4 remaining fingers for the 8 buttons. Key combos are quite easy too...
  20. zorbid

    New glNinetndo64()

    Orkin released a new version of his opengl plugin. Here is the new stuff. You can grab it here :). It shows some good progression. Keep the good work.