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    Lock threads that are inactive

    I see a lot of old threads keep getting revived with people quoting someone who probably doesn't come here any longer. I propose Closing threads that are over 12 months since the last post. While we don't want to many of the same threads coming up over and over again I think if no one has...
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    Surreal64 section in the N64 forums

    Like topic says I think there are enough people who have seen or used this 1964/PJ64/Ultraxle port and there are enough differences to warrant it's own section.
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    Surreal64 - Xbox port of 1964 Review

    ::For anyone reading this on the emulation64 website check this thread ::for the pics :: You've probably heard there's an N64 emulator for the xbox in fact there's been 5 attempts at porting an N64 emulator but Surreal64 has been the first one...
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    Surreal64 - Xbox port of 1964

    I saw the previous post but I though you guys might be slighty interested in this emulator and would like a bit more of a lowdown. Surreal64 is an N64 emulator for the xbox in fact it's 3 emulators with a frontend to set them all up. 1964 (Based on .85 although .99 as soon as oDD get's hold of...